Darkness 7: Redemption (2007)Mature

Written in late 2007.

Thinking all of their troubles were behind them (and not really remembering the events that had taken place) a small group of friends continue to live their lives. Little do they know, the war isn't over, and a new foe will shake their lives down to the core. They must once again team up with an old foe to stop this new darkness. Or die trying.

"Bastard. Leaving me behind at the beach while he goes and has a good time in town." Muttered Evan as he swam along the coast of the Tidnish Beach. Splash. Evan dropped his house keys into the water. "Fuck! Can this day get any worse?" Evan dove under the water to retrieve his keys. Little did he know, things were about to get a lot worse.

"I, don't need your forgiveness. I, don't need your hate. I don't need your acceptance, so what should I do?" Die Motherfucker Die was blasting out of of the black Honda Civic's speakers. "Liam, hand me my wallet, its in the dashboard." Yelled Craig over the music. "Die Motherfucker Die Motherfucker Die!" Liam handed Craig the stained, leather wallet. Meghan was carved into the side of the wallet. The song changed over to "Happy?". "You guys need to chip in for gas money, hand it over." Nick and Liam both handed Craig fifteen dollars each. Nick looked out the window at the passing trees and wilderness that was the Tindall road. "Does it make you HAPPY? are you feeling HAPPY? are you fucking HAPPY? Now that times lost left for nothing"

Evan was swimming back to shore with his freshly retrieved keys, when a glimmer caught his eye. Evan swam to shore and emerged from the water. He walked up to what was glistening in the sun. "I cant believe it!" He exclaimed. Evan picked up an old worn hubcap and tossed it into a nearby bush. "God damn tourists and their litter." Evan chuckled to himself. "Ah the hatred for tourists" Evan gathered up his things and started to walk back up towards the exit of the beach when another glimmer of something caught the corner of his eye. Evan turned around. "not another god damn hubcap" When Evan approached the object, however, he found it was not a hubcap at all. "What the fuck is that thing." Evan wondered aloud. It was in fact, almost as far away from a hubcap as you can get. There, laying in the sand before Evan, was a black and purple egg. There was a hairline crack in the smooth, shiny surface of it. "It looks like an egg." Evan reached out to touch it and when his fingers just brushed against the egg, there was a huge flash of yellow...

"Light." Nick turned towards Craig. "What?" Craig looked at Nick impatiently. "hand me the flashlight!" Nick reached into his pocket and handed over the flashlight. Craig clicked on the flashlight. "Lets move out boys" Craig, Nick, and Liam emerged from the Civic. "How far is this place?" Complained Liam. "Not too far, maybe...a mile?" Answered Craig. Nick groaned. "Explain why were walking a mile through the woods close to midnight?" Everyone stopped walking. Craig turned the light on Nick. "Were going to that old, abandoned, hidden, super secret..." "get to the point" Liam interjected. "Were going out onto the marsh trail." Nick looked at Craig. "Why didn't we just go up through the entrance way back by my house!" Craig Laughed. "Wheres the fun in that" Liam handed them out a beer. The three continued walking clumsily through the woods.

Evan awoke in a panic. "Where am I" He started to thrash about. Evan tried to look around but he couldn't see. There was barely any space to move around. "Somebody help me!" Evan continued to squirm around. CRACK. A small sliver of light shone on Evan. Evan looked out of the crack and saw the beach. Evan got panicked. The tide was about to catch whatever Evan was in and carry him out to sea.

Joel Baxter was walking along the beach, wondering why everyone hated him. When he saw it. A gigantic egg, six feet tall, and at least a circumference of four feet. Joel went up to the egg and looked at it curiously. "Must be some foreign trash that washed up from China or something." Joel picked up a rock, brought his arm back, and smashed the egg.

A hole had been shattered in the side of Evans prison. With a last explosion of strength, Evan broke out of the egg.

Joel was sent back flying as the egg shattered outward. A tall, yellow lizard, with black tribal tattoos covering its body emerged from the remains. Its glowing green eyes stared at Joel. "What...what...what are you!?"

Evan suddenly realized everything. He flashed back to what had happened. Advent, Neodyoxis, Nick, Newfoundland, Stacey. The Darkness. Evan was suddenly overcome by a surge of animalistic hatred and rage. The Darkness was taking over. "What...what...what are you!?" Cried Joel. The reptile grinned. "You can call me Umbra" Umbra lunged at Joel with the speed and grace of a Tsunami. Joels screams filled the air as he disappeared into a puddle of black and blue shadows.

Nick, Liam, and Craig emerged from the woods and piled back into the Civic. "Fun time boys, but lets head home and call it a night." Craig turned the Civic around and drove back towards...

"Tidnish is being attacked by some sort of yellow lizard creature! We advise all residents to stay inside their homes. We plan to keep you posted." Click. Umbra clicked off the T.V. . "Stupid idiots. I haven't destroyed anything at all. Yet." With that, Umbra stood up, and walked out of his newly deserted home. His dogs growled at him as he walked past. "Shut up!" Umbra kicked one of his dogs in the stomach, breaking its rib cage and spine. It landed with a sickening thud in the ditch a hundred feet from where it once stood growling. "I must be getting more powerful" Thought Umbra to himself. Umbra shot a beam of pure darkness at a nearby house, splintering it. "This is going to be fun" He laughed as he walked up the road.

"Night Nick." "See you later guys" Craig and Liam drove off into the distance and Nick walked down the drive way towards his house. He noticed black smoke rising against the starry night sky. It was in the direction of Evans house. "Weird, must be a fire or something." Nick walked into his house and turned the computer on. "I hope Stacey's on" He murmered to himself. Stacey was in fact, not online. Nick left her a little message and turned the computer off. "There must be something I could do for fun." It was one in the morning and Nick was not tired. "Maybe Ill go see where that fire is." Nick put on his lucky sweater and ran out the door.

Umbra had destroyed a total of eight buildings on his five minute walk up the road. What was left of the Riverside Restaurant was in flames and quickly burning to the ground. "I need more Darkness...wheres a mortal when you need one?" Umbra saw lights coming from a house across the road. "Hello" Umbra walked across the road, and up to the house.

Nick saw the flames now, they were reaching high into the sky. Seeming to lick at the stars. Nick looked all around to see what caused all the destruction. "I don't see anything that could have done this..." Screams started to emit from the house across the road. "Maybe its and arsonist! If I stop him and save those people, I could be a hero!" With that, Nick ran across the road and into the house.

"You can hide from me!" Umbra roared as he tore apart the house in search of the two people who had just ran from him. Umbra shot a ball of Darkness up through the ceiling, leaving a gaping hole in the ceiling, and roof. Umbra jumped up through the hole in the ceiling. The two people were cowering in the corner, crying and holding each other. "Peek a boo. I see you"

Nick got up from the floor. He had hit the dirt as soon as he heard a small explosion from the next room over. Nothing appeared to be on fire though. Nick heard screams from upstairs. "Ive got to help those people!" Nick ran for the staircase. thud, thud, thud, thud. The crumpled body of a man fell down the stairs and landed at Nicks feet. The man was bleeding horribly. He appeared to have many broken bones, and he started to have convulsions. Nick was about to try to help the man when he heard a woman scream from upstairs. Nick sprinted up the stairs. He got to the top and stopped in his tracks. Nick moaned and started wobbling. Memories came flooding back like a cruel tidal wave of pain. Neodyoxis...Advent...Darkness ...a shining light...the beach...Stacey....Stacey...Ni ck got to his feet and looked around. There was fire all around him. "Shit." Nick looked all around to find a way of escape. There was one option. The window. Nick ran at the window, jumped with his arms covering his face and head, and SMASH. Nick flew head first out the second story window. He fell with a deep thud and was knocked unconscious.

Nick awoke in the hospital. "Wha...where am I" He groaned. A nurse ran into the room. "Oh my god! Hes awake! Doctor! Doctor!" The nurse ran out of the room. Nick looked at the doorway "...Okay" A short man with long white hair tied in a neat little ponytail rushed in. "Hello young man, my name is Doctor Johnson. You have suffered through quite a traumatic experience my boy, you are lucky to have survived that fall." Nick looked around. "How long have I been here?" The Doctor smiled. "You've been unconscious for five days son." Nicks jaw dropped. "Five days...ah shit, Stacey" The doctor laughed "you mean the nice young girl who was in here the day before? She sat by your bedside for hours and cried. Is She your girlfriend?" Nick started getting dizzy. "yeah...but she lives in Newfoundland." "Like I said, you have been unconscious for five days...perhaps someone called her and told her you were in the hospital?" Nick was too dizzy to keep his head up. "I don't know...maybe, I don't know..." Nick drifted off to sleep. The Doctor smiled, then walked out the door.

Tidnish was almost wiped off the map...there were only ruins left of it. Umbra sat in the middle of the road, waiting for the tourists that were sure to come through. "Fuck this" Umbra got to his feet. In the past five days, he had consumed so many souls and Darkness, that he had grown to almost eight feet. His body was a giant mass of muscles. Umbras eyes started to glow white. He rose a couple feet off the ground and sniffed the air. He caught the scent he was looking for. Umbra returned to the ground and started running on all fours towards Amherst...and the Hospital.

BEEP....?....BEEEEEEP....A nurse came running into the room. "Yes?" Nick looked at the nurse. "Would it be possible for you to bring me a glass of Diet Dr. Pepper?" The nurse smiled. "We don't have any Diet Doctor Pepper...can I get you something else?" "Fine, bring me a can of Pepsi." The nurse nodded and walked out of the room. Nick lay in the hospital bed...although he didn't know why. He was able to walk, and everything. But Dr. Johnson insisted that he stay in the hospital. So Nick lay there on the hospital bed in his red dragon pants, Lakai/Girl shoes, Element shirt, lucky sweater, and Snap-On hat. The nurse returned about five minutes later. "Here you go Nick" Nick took the can from the nurse. "Why thank you." The nurse left again. Nick drank the pop in a couple big gulps. Nick tossed the can into the garbage can that sat across the room from him. I wonder where Stacey is staying if shes here? Nick wondered to himself. Dr. Johnson walked in. "How are things today Nick?" Nick shot Dr. Johnson a sinister look. "What the fuck am I still doing here?" Dr. Johnson lost his smile. "Come with me Nick." Dr. Johnson left the room. Nick followed. Dr. Johnson led Nick down a long hallway and into a room. Nick entered and sat in an expensive leather chair. Dr. Johnson locked the door to the room and came and sat down at the desk in front of Nick. "Nick" he began. "I'm not really a doctor." Nick sat there, stunned. "What?" The man, who's real name was obviously not Johnson, sat there and smiled. "I am with a special agency. I'm here to ask you about The Darkness." Nick froze. "Excuse me." The man continued to smile. "You know what I mean. Advent, Neodyoxis, The Darkness, what happened two months ago?" Nick got a serious look on his face. "What makes you think I know anything." The man still continued to smile. "You, Evan, Stacey, Liam, Craig, and Anthony are the only people to have survived an encounter with Advent and Neodyoxis." Nicks expression was blank. "So?" The man lost his smile. "Its happening again. But its a new one. More powerful than Advent or Neodyoxis ever were. Tidnish has been wiped off the map." Nicks jaw dropped. "What..." The man nodded. "We also know you got involved in this mess once again. five nights ago." Nick shuddered. He remembered that tall, muscular yellow lizard disappear into a shadow with that crying woman."What do you want me for then?" The man stood up. "We want you to help us stop it." Nick stared at the man. "You think I can help you stop it?" The man smiled. "Yes I do. Were gathering all the survivors of the Advent, Neodyoxis war together to stop this new creature" "So, Ill be able to see Stacey?" The man stopped smiling. "No" Nick looked at the man. "Why not?" The man looked Nick in the eyes. "We cant risk any of you getting emotional while trying to stop this thing, you understand this right?" Nick Nodded "I guess so" The man smiled, you can see her after this is over if you want" Nick looked at him. "If we finish it" Nick turned to walk out the door, but stopped. "What is it Nick?" Nick didn't look at the man. "Who are you?" the man stopped smiling. "My name is Agent Kaine."

Umbra left most of the Tyndall road in ruins as he advanced on Amherst. A Flat bed towing a bulldozer was headed straight at Umbra. Umbra kept walking towards it. The flat bed slammed on the breaks but still skidded towards Umbra. The flat bed was about to collide with Umbra when suddenly, Umbra with a simple flick of his mighty arm, sent the flat bed and bulldozer flying. Umbra continued walking towards Amherst. He was walking past Roymacs when the owner came running out of the main office. "Get away from my place of buiseness you lizard piece of shit!" Roy ran at Umbra with a baseball bat. Umbra grabbed Roy by the throat. "Wrong move" Umbra snapped Roy's neck and threw him straight down into a puddle of darkness. "Simple bastard" Umbra kept on walking towards Amherst, destroying everything in his path.

Nick had snuck out of the hospital against Kaine's wishes to go to the library. Nick sat down at a computer and logged on. Nick typed in Agent Kaine into Google. One website popped up. www.UNAFSP.net. Nick clicked it and was promptly asked for a password to enter. Nick typed in the only thing he thought could possibly be the password: The Darkness. it worked. Nick had hacked onto a secret government site and was at Agent Kaine Blacks file. "hello, whats this" Whispered Nick to himself. He read the profile and gasped. "Agent Kaine Black, head of The Darkness project, and survivor of an Advent attack two years ago. After the explosion, our agents found him in a coma just beside the crater. He has been deemed mentally fit to continue The Darkness Project."  Nicks mouth went agape. "Holy shit!" Yelled Nick. Nick got kicked out of the library.

Umbra was just outside the Hospital. Half of Amherst was now in ruins. Building toppled, bodies slaughtered, fires raging. Umbra walked toward the main entrance. A steady beat filled the air. It got closer and louder with each second. Umbra looked towards the sky. Three military helicopters approached towards him. "We have specific orders to take you out by force. Cease and desist!" One of the helicopters broke away from the trio and hovered above Umbra. Four soldiers in strange armor dropped down from the helicopter and pointed their guns at him. Umbra smirked. "Bring it" The soldiers surrounded Umbra. They all opened fire at once. A barrage of fully automatic bullets slammed Umbra. Then bounced off in all directions. The soldier were on the ground, killed by their own ricochets. Umbra grabbed up all the bodies at once and tossed them into a puddle of Darkness. Umbra grew another couple of inches and gained more muscle mass. Umbra looked up at the helicopters, he pointed at one of them. KABWOOSH. The helicopter imploded and fell to the ground in a large crashing noise. The other helicopter back up slightly, lowered its nose, and started shooting at Umbra with a gattling gun. Umbra stood there and let the bullets hit him, then bounce off in all directions. The helicopter back up more and ascended a couple meters higher. "You leave me no choice" A missle shot off the helicopter and flew towards Umbra. The missle sliced through the air at blinding speed. Umbra snatched the missle out of the air and threw at at the helicopter. "Oh son of a bi..." KABOOM. The helicopter exploded into a cascade of crimson and orange flame. The burning remains feel to the ground and exploded a second time, sending flames shooting through the air. Umbra walked up to the hospital, and walked into the front doors. Screams followed.

Nick was walking up the street towards the hospital when he noticed thick black smoke rising from the hospital. As he approached he saw the crumpled bodies of soldiers, and destroyed wreckage which appeared to be helicopters at one point. There was fire strewn throughout the hospital grounds. Nick walked slowly towards the hospital when black light started pouring out of the windows. Nick ran and hid behind a chunk of helicopter. The hospital suddenly imploded into a void of pure, black and purple...

"Darkness." Snarled Umbra. "Project Darkness? What kind of dribble is that?" Kaine backed slowly away. Umbra was at least nine feet tall, and a hulking mass of muscles. His bright green eyes trained on him. "That's right. Look..." "Umbra" "Umbra.." continued Kaine. "We can make a deal" Umbra smiled. "A deal? You've got to be kidding me" Kaine wiped sweat from his forehead. "I see you leave me no other choice..." Kaine dove behind his desk. "You cant hide behind that desk from me you fool" Umbra smashed the desk with a flick of his mighty wrist. fully automatic gun fire could be heard throughout the empty halls of the hospital. When the rain of bullets had ended, Umbra stood there, unscathed. "Pathetic" Umbras eyes started glowing purple. there was the feeling of heavy dread looming in the air. "Umbra! You don't have to do this!" Pleaded Kaine. It was too late. Darkness enveloped the hospital.
Nick walked over to the crater. Nothing remained of the hospital. Then it caught his eye. A shiny silver box sat at the bottom of the crater, unharmed from the implosion. Nick walked over to it an examined it. There was a DNA activated thumb print lock covering the front and a small portion of the top. "Here goes nothing" Said Nick as he pressed his thumb against the scanner. There was a suction noise and the lid popped open a slight bit. Nick opened the lid of the box. Inside were five watch type things and a note. Nick read the note aloud. "Nick, if you are reading this, it means the hospital has been destroyed and I am dead. If you are reading this note, it also means you have a duty now. you and four other people of your choice must defeat the new darkness. By four people of your choice, I mean four darkness survivors. It should be fairly easy to track down Stacey, Liam, Craig, and Ashlee. It would be a pain to track down Anthony. Now, about the watches in front of you. Take the one you want and strap it on your right wrist." Nick took the black watch out of the metal box and strapped it to his right wrist. Nick continued reading the note. "Just like the lock on the box, you must press your thumb against the face of the watch to activate it." Nick pressed his thumb against the face of the watch. It immediately started glowing so that it could be read in the dark. There was now a stylish logo showing on the screen. It was a tribal design surrounding the agencies logo. Nick continued reading the note. "When ever the darkness is nearing you, the watch will glow red, and a D will appear in place of the agencies logo. This is where the watch will help you the most. If you twist the face of the watch to the left, nano machines too small for the human eye to see will flood out from the watch, crawl into your blood stream, and grant you a hightened ability for a short period of time. The watch can do this once and only once. Sadly, these watches have already been used, so the best they can do is tell when the darkness is near. Good Luck." Nick picked up the remaining four watches, stuffed them into the pockets of his sweater, and went off to find Stacey, Liam, Craig, and Ashlee.

"Liam...when can we leave the house." Asked Stacey. Liam walked out of the bathroom. "Whenever that thing isn't destroying the community." Umbra was indeed in Baie Verte destroying it for sport. "Do you think your Grandmother is okay?" Liam looked at her. "No I don't"

Craig was driving towards Liam's house to hide out before Umbra got back into Tidnish. Craig arrived at Liam's house and ran up to the door. "Liam man, let me in" There was a series of clicks and the door opened. "Hey man, you come to hide out at my house?" Craig Laughed. "yeah. Lets get the party started bois!" Craig walked in and saw Stacey looking out the window at the fire and destruction. Stacey looked towards him. "Who's the babe Liam?" Liam laughed. "That's Nicks Girlfriend" Craig smiled. "You mean she exists?" Liam laughed, which set Craig into harder laughter. Stacey looked at them. Liam stopped laughing. "But seriously, we think Nick may be dead" Craig stopped laughing. "Really?" Liam nodded. Stacey turned back towards the window, and started softly weeping.

Ashlee was walking out of Needs when she saw Nick running down the road. "Hey, Nick!" She hollered. Nick turned and ran towards her. "Ashlee...you know whats going on right?" She looked at him. "Yeah...and I had a flashback to what happened before...wheres Evan?" Nick bit his lip. "Just put this on, put your thumb on the screen, and come with me." So off Nick and Ashlee ran. They stopped outside the Tim Horton's. "Should we?" Asked Ashlee. "I think we should." Nick hopped onto a parked speed bike, and turned the key. It roared to life. Ashlee jumped onto the bike and wrapped her arms around Nicks waist. "Hold on!" He shouted. They did a burnout and sped off towards Tidnish.

He had picked up the scent of Liam. Umbra walked back through the ruins he had created. Straight for Liam, Craig, and Stacey. Umbra walked into the drive way, stood there for a minute, and let out a mighty roar.

"Oh shit! Its here!" yelled Liam. Stacey ran out of the living room. "What?" Craig came out of the bathroom. "You've got to be shitting me" Liam ran to the stairs that went up to an extra room. "Follow me" Stacey and Craig ran to the stairs. "Ladies first." Stacey went up ahead of Craig. "Damn" smirked Craig. "We cant let that thing know were here, we have to hide in the attic." Liam opened an old rarely used door and flicked on a light. The three went into the attic and closed the door behind them. Just as Umbra smashed through the front door.

Nick and Ashlee were in Tidnish now. Nick pulled the bike into his drive way. "I just have to get a few things, come sit in the living room or something" Nick and Ashlee walked into Nick's house. Ashlee went into the living room, sat on the big, comfy couch, and turned on the forty two inch TV. Nick went into his room and started digging through his dresser drawers. "Nick, what are doing?" called Ashlee from the living room. "I already told you I'm getting a few things. Nick threw his hunting knife into his book bag. He continued to rummage through his room. "Wheres the bathroom?" asked Ashlee. she was standing in the doorway now. "Its the last door down the hall on your right." Ashlee walked down the hall. Nick threw his japanese shuriken into his book bag. The bathroom door opened. "You don't mind if I take a shower do you?" came Ashlee's voice. "Go for it" answered Nick. Nick took the remaining watches out of his pockets and placed them in the book bag also. Nick went into the kitchen and threw some food into the book bag, then went into his moms room. "Its still got to be in here...where is it..." Nick reached under the bed and found it. He pulled out a large black case. Nick placed the big black case on the bed and opened it. Inside was a hunting bow. Nick pulled the bow out of the case. Aimed with it. and placed the bow back in the case. Nick turned around and there in the doorway stood Ashlee. She was only wearing a towel. "Hi Nick" Nick stood there staring at her. "What are you doing?" Ashlee walked into the room closer to Nick. "What? Don't you like what you see?" Nick sat on the bed. "Ashlee...what about Evan. What about Stacey?" "Fuck Evan, we broke up, Nick. And what about Stacey? She'll never know" Ashlee jumped on Nick. "You know you want to" Nick looked into Ashlee's eyes, felt her body against his. "I...cant" Nick moved out from under Ashlee and grabbed the bow case. "get dressed and come on." Nick left the room. Ashlee just sat on the bed, the towel now half fallen off. "Stacey is some lucky" and with that she got dressed and followed Nick out the door.

Umbra sniffed the air. "You cant hide from me!" he roared. Umbra shot a ball of darkness into the living room. The living room was splintered, and half of the house collapsed, and caught on fire. "Come out, Come out wherever you are!" Umbra taunted.

"We've got to get out of the house" Whispered Craig. Liam nodded. He pointed to the window. "We'll have to jump" Craig walked over to the window. "I cant get it open, its stuck." Liam picked up an old pottery jar and threw it at the window. The window shattered outward. Umbra heard the glass shatter. He jumped up through the ceiling into the room above. He heard panicked screams come from the door right in front of him. Umbra burst through the door just in time to see Craig crawling through the shattered window. "Fry" Umbra shot a beam of darkness at Craig. Craig uttered a gasp then fell out the window, narrowly missing Liam and Stacey, then landed with a snap on the ground below. Liam and Stacey jumped off the roof and ran into the woods. "I lost them again. Fuck" Umbra jumped down to the ground, grabbed Craig's body, and disappeared into a cloud of shadows.

Nick and Ashlee pulled into his Grandmothers driveway. "Oh no!" He cried. The house was collapsed and on fire. There was no sign of Umbra...or Liam, Craig, and Stacey. Nick and Ashlee jumped off the bike and ran to the burning house. "Liam! Stacey! Craig! If your okay answer me!" There was no answer. Ashlee looked at Nick. "Maybe they're in the woods?" Nick looked at the sky. The night sky was starting to approach. "If we go in there to try and find them, we may get killed...we don't even know if they are in there Ashlee." Ashlee looked at him. "Its the best we've got." Nick nodded. "All right. lets go" Nick and Ashlee walked into the quickly darkening forest.

"I think its safe to leave the woods now Liam" Liam looked around. "I think you're right, lets go" Liam and Stacey started walking out of the forest...they didn't see the shadow sneaking up behind them. Umbra appeared behind them and grabbed Liam by the legs and lifted him up. "You are one ugly motherfucker." gasped Liam. Umbra smirked. "Painfully or fast?" Liam looked into Umbras reptilian eyes. "fast if you don't mind" Umbra grabbed Liam's arms with his other hand. There was a scream. The sound of blood splatter. More screams. and a thud.

Pain rippled throughout his body. Like a swarm of insects surging within him. Ripping and tearing out his insides. Umbra stumbled backwards and fell into an electric fence. More pain surged through him. Liam had escaped his clutches. Umbra got to his feet. There was something wrong though. He couldn't see out of his left eye. Umbra looked around, his prey had escaped again. He reached up and pulled the object out of his eye. "What the fuck?" Umbra threw the bloody arrow to the ground and sank into a puddle of darkness.

There was a girl with long brown hair and a guy in a hoodie leading them out of the forest. The guy had a hunting bow in his right hand, and arrows sticking out of his book bag. "Who are you?" questioned Liam as they were running. The girl looked back at him. "Friends" They stopped to rest by a big tree. It was almost impossible to see each other now it was so dark. "This isn't just darkness" said the guy in the hoodie. "This is pure darkness" All you could see was the faint outline of the other person standing right beside you. "So, we just rescued the right people didn't we?" Said the guy in the hoodie. "Liam, Craig, and Stacey?" Liam looked in the direction he though Stacey was in. "Craig kinda...died" The guy in the hoodie shook his head...or at least it looked like he did. "Dammit." The guy in the hoodie took out something from his book bag and threw it into the woods. All of a sudden, the watches on the guy and girls hands started to glow bright blood red. Illuminating a little bit of the forest. Everyone's faces became visible. Liam smiled. "Man, what the fuck." Nick Smiled "I know eh?" Stacey let out a little scream and ran to Nick. They stood there embracing each other for what seemed like hours. Their lips were almost touching when Ashlee broke in "I hate to spoil this heart warming moment, but the watches are glowing red. That means were fucked" Nick and Stacey separated. "Yeah, Umbra must be close." "Closer than you think!" Umbra exploded from a shadow and grabbed Ashlee by the throat. "Fuck you" Umbra Smiled. "Bye bye baby" Ashlee's jaw dropped. "Evan?!?" Umbra nodded. "I'm not going to spare you by consuming you." He looked at all of them. Liam standing there looking at him. Nick holding Stacey. Then back to Ashlee, crying and shuddering. "Slaughter time" Umbra ripped Ashlee in half and ate her lower half. He threw her upper half down into a shadow. Blood was every where. "Who's next?"

Light flooded the woods. Shouting and a pounding beat followed the light. Soldiers emerged from all directions, their guns and lights trained on Umbra. "If you do not give up and go peacefully, we will open fire." Umbra smirked. his eyes glowed a funny orange color. "Run!" Screamed Liam. The three ran away from the scene that was unfolding as fast as they could go. Fire erupted from Umbra like a volcano. In a matter of seconds all the soldiers were wiped out and the forest was set ablaze. They were still running when Liam tripped on a tree stump. "Oh!" He gasped as he fell. "Oh god! shit. My ankle...I think I sprained it." Nick grabbed Liam and lifted him up onto his good foot. "Just leave me behind and go. Get Stacey to safety. Nick was about to say something in protest but a huge yellow, clawed hand grabbed Liam by the shoulder. Liam and the hand disappeared into a shadow. "Shit" said Nick. He grabbed Stacey by the hand and started running. Umbra appeared in front of them. "Its over, Nick" Then, something amazing happened. The sky opened up and light poured down on Umbra. "What the fuck?" A wonderous golden lizard with magnificent angel wings dropped down from the sky. The muscular golden lizard was two feet shorter than Umbra, but appeared to be more powerful. "It isn't..." Gasped Nick. The Golden Lizard smiled. "Destroying you will be my Redemption." Umbra looked at the other lizard with hatred. "Advent..."

Advents wings folded behind him. "Evan, you should have never tampered with that egg." "My name isn't Evan anymore, I am Umbra!" Advent raised his hand towards Umbra. "How about I just call you...finished." A wonderous golden orb started glowing in front of Advents palm. It grew and grew until it was the size of a watermelon. "From hence you came!" shouted Advent. The orb shot at Umbra, and exploded on contact. Umbra stood there a minute, smiling. Then the smile turned to a grimace. He hunched over in pain. "Whats..whats happening?" Advent walked over to Umbra and kicked him in the stomach. Blood spurted from Umbra mouth. "The Darkness is being separated from you." Umbra got to his feet. "I'm taking you with me!" Umbra's eyes glowed the blackest black any of them had ever seen. Umbra let out a mighty roar that shook the ground. A giant black wave ripped out of Umbra, tearing him to pieces. The wave hit Advent and Advent melted into the darkness. Nick and Stacey ran. The wave was right behind them and Nick pushed Stacey off into a bush. There was a scream and then silence. It was morning now and birds were chirping. The sky was a beautiful crystal clear blue. Not a cloud in the sky. Stacey emerged from the bush, cuts all over her. She looked around. The woods was smoldering. There was a huge trench where the wave had ripped through just moments ago. Umbra lay in pieces all over the ground. There was no sign of Advent or Nick. Stacey sat down on a big rock, and started to cry. The sound of helicopters filled the sky. Then, four or five of them landed in front of Stacey. Soldiers poured out. They took Umbras remains and sealed them in a large glass case, and carried it onto one of the helicopters. The rest of the soldiers went around looking at all the damage. One of the soldiers walked up to Stacey. "Were going to take you home young lady." The soldier put his arm around Stacey and led her to a helicopter. The helicopter rose up into the air and flew off into the horizon.

                                       TWO MONTHS LATER

"I'm home!" Called Stacey as she walked into her house. No one was home, and she knew it, but she liked saying it anyways. She walked into her room and threw her stuff onto her bed. "What a day at school." She pressed the button on her computer and waited for it to turn on. Stacey looked over at a picture of Nick she had on her computer desk and started to softly cry. Stacey signed into to MSN. She left her room to go get a glass of water when she heard a ding, signaling that someone had just messaged her. She ran into the room. She gasped and dropped the glass. It shattered all over her floor. But she never even noticed. She couldn't believe it...it had to be a cruel joke. Yet, she had a feeling it wasn't. She wiped the tears away and smiled. She started typing. She started to cry again. But these were tears of joy. She changed her MSN screen name from : Stacey...RIP Nick Back to: Staceyy [ILoveYouNickSoMuch]

Finally everything was back to the way it should be. Finally, all this had come to an absolute


The End

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