"I'm going to bed mom" Shouted Zara from the study. She had been on the computer for a good 2 hours and a half. It was Sunday the last day of the holidays and tomorrow she was going to be in her last year at school. The thought of seeing everyone grown up spooked her a bit, but still gave her an excited buzz. She krept upstairs and got ready to go to bed. As sleep came to her she started to think about school.

The next morning the routine felt foreign as she packed her bag for the new school day and prepared her lunch. When she got to school and walked into her classroom, everybody around her were talking loudly to each other. Everybody were how she remembered them in year 10 but taller. She went and took a seat at the front near her friends as the door opened, in stepped her head teacher Mrs Celler. Behind her came in a youngish man dressed in a smart suit. The girl behind her whispered to her friend "Oh my god, have you seen the new teacher?" "Yeah he's soooo hot!" replied her friend. Zara just silently laughed at the remark, though didn't deny that he wasn't.  The man walked to the board and wrote on it 'Mr Ash'. Everybody in the class went quiet. The head teacher smiled at the man then left the room. Everybody watched her leave then stared at the man at the front. He stood there for a moment or two then said clearly so everyone could hear. "My name is Mr Ash. I will be taking your art lessons for a few weeks and will also be your form teacher due to your perminant teacher being unwell."

The day went on and Zara was getting more excited about her double art that afternoon with the new teacher. The excitement was due to her passion for art and pure creativity that she has in the subject, not because of the rather hot new teacher that would be teaching the lessons. Although that did help, just a bit.

When she walked through the doors into the art room and saw him dressed up in dressing up clothes she couldn't help but laugh. All through the lesson he was being very chatty and easy to talk to all the pupils as if he belonged in that classroom. No one got told off and everyone got there work done. When the bell went for the end of school Zara was quite unhappy that her first day was over. It all seemed to go like a blur.

She stayed behind in art to help clear up the clothes and paints that they had been using. Her friends helped her so when she went off to get the bus to go home, she found that they had all gone without her, not single one in sight. Even her friends had disappeared.

"Are you alright?" said a voice behind her. She turned around to find Mr Ash coming out of the school towards her. "Yes I'm fine, well apart from the point that I have missed my bus." Mr Ash laughed "I used to do that alot when I was your age, do you want a lift in my car?"He said as he walked over to his car. Zara thought for a moment, she knew she shouldn't go in a car with a stranger, but she didn't like that far away. "Ok" She said. She stepped in to the car as Mr Ash held the door open for her, and closed it firmly behind her. She told him where she lived and watched out the window as the car sped away.

She started to notice she was near her house from the signs outside. "Next left" She said kindly. The turning was coming up yet Mr Ash hadn't started to signal that he going to go left. The turning went, Zara looked at Mr Ash with a look of shock on her face. Yet he had no expression at all on his, as if he knew he had missed the turning.  As if he knew they were going on the freeway, and as if he knew that Zara was there staring at him with fright.

"Let me out" She whispered her voicce wavering. He didn't turn his head away from the road. "Let me out" Zara said again except louder this time. He still didn't look away, he didn't even flinch from the raised voice.

Tears started to stream down Zara's face as she screamed "LET ME OUT NOW!" This time he turned to her and grabbed her face with one hand, saying in a steady voice "I would be quiet if i was you. Don't want to hurt this prity face of yours now, would we?" while stroking her cheek. She shivered from his filthy touch. The longing to go back home hit her hard as she started to think of her brother and family she was being driven away from.

The End

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