Kitty: Falling

I fell down, hitting the ground. It was smooth -- too smooth. When I tried to find some purchase it was just too slippery, and my hands couldn't stay still. No friction at all. How odd.

I attempted to open my eyes, but then I realised -- they were already open. I just couldn't see. Was I blind? A moment of gut-wrenching terror and I realised that no, I wasn't blind. It was just dark.

Yet this utter blackness was more than dark. It was oppressive and frightening, designed to intimidate. Where was I?

That was when I realised you were not behind me. I stretched out my hand but no arm was nearby that I could cling to. Gently I whispered your name. "Colum." You did not reply. "Colum? Are you there?"

I did not dare to speak any louder. When there was no audible reply I sat in silence, trying not to let a whimper escape me. My ears strained for an answering question of "Kitty?" but I heard nothing. Either you were unconscious, too far away for me to hear ... or you weren't there. Because I knew that if none of those were the reason you would have found me by now.

"Colum!" Slightly louder, slightly more urgently, I whispered again. It was no good. You weren't going to reply. Carefully I eased myself to my feet, but that too was odd. The friction-less surface meant it was hard to keep your balance and I was never sure whether I was upright or not, seeing as I could not see the sky or anything else.

But I had to find you. I walked towards my right -- that must be where you were. You'd been holding my right hand when we fell ... when we fell through that hole.

The End

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