Darkness 5: Armageddon Part 2 (2007)Mature

"We will see which of us is stronger, Advent." Growled Neodyoxis. Advent tightened his leg muscles, getting ready to charge. "That we will" Nick, Evan, and Ashlee stood there stunned. They stood there helplessly as Advent and Neodyoxis had a stare down. Evan looked at Ashlee. "Ashlee...seeing as how there's no chance were making it out of this alive, I just want you to know how much I love you." Ashlee hugged Evan tight. Nick looked away, and up into the clouds. Nick thought to himself: If only i had gotten the chance to spend one moment with you...this may not have been so bad. Dear god I love You...

"Stacey!" Stacey Rideout looked towards her doorway. There stood a panicked, and sweating Anthony. "Anthony...whats wrong?" Anthony took a couple deep breaths. "There's something going on where Nick lives...I just saw it on the news." Stacey quickly turned the channel to the news, and sure enough, there was a live report from Tidnish beach. "It has been hours since the shadowy dome assimilated." Began the reporter. "No one knows what it is or how it got there, but eye witnesses who escaped the scene say there are three teens trapped inside with...two giant lizards? That cant be right...but it is?" Stacey dropped the remote...there was this feeling deep down in her stomach. "Anthony, we need to get plane tickets..." Anthony just stood there and looked at her. "Just do it!" Anthony ran out of the room. Stacey continued to look at the swirling dome of Darkness on the T.V. screen. "Please...please don't let it be..."

"Nick!" Screamed Evan. "Look out!" Nick ducked just before a ball of Dark energy flew over his head, and splintered a tree. He looked back over to where Advent and Neodyoxis were. The two creatures were engaged in a battle so fierce, so brutal, that words cannot describe it. Evan and Ashlee were still embraced. Just then, a blue light started to emit from Advent and Neodyoxis. The blue light filled the realm of Darkness. Almost instantly, Nick, Evan, and Ashlee suddenly left the realm of Darkness. They awoke in the middle of  what appeared to be the ruins of an airport. Nick sat up and looked around. Advent and Neodyoxis were still engaging each other fiercely. Evan sat up and looked at Nick. "Where are we?" Nick shrugged. "Ive never been in this airport.

"This is bullshit!" Stacey collapsed on her bed. Anthony sat down beside her and put his arm around her shoulder. "Its okay...we don't even know if Nick is one of the people involved in this." Stacey looked at Anthony. :But now those...those...things, are destroying  St. johns. How did they get here so fast?" Anthony shrugged. They turned back to the news. "We are here outside the remains of the airport. There seems to be two large lizard like creatures fighting and trying to destroy one another." Advent was punched in the face and was sent flying downwards into the ground. Neodyoxis laughed. "I told you you fool, you cant defeat me." Nick looked at Evan. "We need to help Advent." Evans jaw dropped. "What! Are you completely insane!" Nick shook his head then looked back at Neodyoxis standing over Advent. "No matter who wins, we lose. But if we help Advent, maybe we can trick him into taking us back home." Evan smiled "You are one fucked up motherfucker, you know that?" Nick suddenly got a strange look on his face. "Wheres Ashlee?" Evan suddenly bolted to his feet and looked around. Then he saw her. Ashlee had been crushed under falling debris. Evan turned to Nick, then looked at his feet. "Shes...shes dead..." He started to cry. Nick punched him in the stomach, Evan buckled to his knees. "man, don't break down and give up, its not what she would have wanted you to do. Now come on, we have a monster to help." Evan got to his feet and wiped his tears away. "Lets do this." Nick and Evan walked over to Advent. Advent looked up at them. "Get away from me you filth." Nick and Evan helped Advent to his feet. Advent stared at them...puzzled. Nick looked at Advent. Without words, it seemed Advent understood. They all turned towards Neodyioxis. As Evan had said..."Lets do this"

The End

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