Darkness 4: Armageddon Part 1 (2007)Mature

Written in 2007.
What will become of the world when two powerful evils clash? Will a group of friends be able to stop the world from being enveloped by darkness, or will they too perish?

  One year after the death of Kaine, John, Greg, and Timmy. A year and 6 months after the death of Tony. Thousands of years since the deaths of Skye, Sareena, and Ray, comes forth the story of all stories...preserved for  years for you to hear. The story of how the world almost ended.

It had awakened again. But this time, he knew, for the last time. This time, Advent would bring the world to an end. Little did he know though, he would be on the opposite side of the war. For someone else had been reborn...

How could this be? It thought it had ceased to exist millions of years ago...yet...it lived. Neodyoxis got to its feet and looked around. It was in the middle of a clearing in the woods. There was a small river going through the clearing with a small wood beam used as a bridge. It knew what it had to do...it had to destroy the world...

Advent looked around. He was in a vault of some sort. Inscribed on the door was Amherst Bank. Advent knew what had to be done. He had to destroy the world.

Neodyoxis rested a little while before getting back to his feet. Before he could destroy the world, he needed souls. Souls to regain some Darkness. Neodyoxis stood up and walked out of the clearing. The clearing that was partially cleared by...

"Nick Morouney comes flying around the corner at an incredible speed, what a contender he is for the title!" Nick continued up the trail, just feet behind the mountain bike race Champion Nova Scotia Division. Craig looked back. "You're not going to win, Nick!" Nick pedaled faster, he and Craig disappeared around a bend. The rest of the racers sped past the announcer. "Looks like Craig and Nick are going head to head in this one...what the fuck is that thing? Joe, point the camera over there...it looks like a giant lizard"

As Advent walked onto the trail, all the racers stopped as fast as they could. "What in Gods name is that!" One of them screamed. Advent walked up to him. "I'm your worst Nightmare." Advent picked up the racer by his throat. "Help me! Someone please help me!" Blackish Purple smoke started rising from beneath Advent and the frightened racer. "Joe, are you getting this." Said the reporter with his mouth agape. Joe gurgled an unintelligible noise and went back to filming. All of a sudden, Advent and the racer sunk into a black, purple, and pink whirlpool of darkness. Everyone just stood there, shocked and terrified. "Well, as you all can see, competitor number 4, Henry Grant, has just disappeared into, some sort of void. No one knows what happened, we are all pretty shocked but..." Silence. The reporter had vanished. The remaining racers all huddled together looking nervously around them. Joe hid in a bush and continued filming. Advent appeared in a cloud of darkness in front of the racers. His eyes started to glow bright neon red. A huge black aura formed around Advent and spread outward what had to be one hundred feet all around him, enveloping the racers, and making a giant crater. When the smoke cleared, all that remained was a smashed up camera, still filming as Advent walked off towards Nick and Craig.

Neodyoxis sensed(and heard) the Darkness Aura just about a mile away from him. "could it be...my descendant." Neodyoxis set off in search of Advent.

"Good race man" Nick shook Craig's hand. "You put up a good fight Nick, maybe next year" Nick nodded then took a drink from his Red Rain. Nick and Craig were on the extension bridge, which was the finish line. Evan, Liam, and Evans Girlfriend, Ashlee had been waiting at the finish line for the racers. "Where are the other racers?" Wondered Evan aloud. Liam took a swig from his Pepsi. "I'm sure they're just lagging behind a couple miles. Then they all saw it. A seven foot tall lizard type thing was walking towards them. "What the fuck is that thing" Nick exclaimed. Advent stopped and looked up at them. Craig ran at him. "I wouldn't do this if I were you" Said Advent calmly. Craig kept coming at Advent. Craig swung a clenched fist at Advent. Advent grabbed his fist before it hit him. Craig screamed out in pain. Advent crushed Craig's hand with little to no effort. "Help!" Liam ran to help Craig. "man, you'll get killed, just come on" Screamed Nick. "I'm not leaving him behind." Nick, Evan, and Ashlee started running across the bridge. There was a series of screams, little explosions, and splattering noises. THUD. Liam's crumpled body fell out of the sky and splattered on the bridge just in front of Nick, Evan, and Ashlee . Ashlee screamed. Nick looked away, sickened. Evan threw up. They all turned around. Advent was on the bridge looking at them, with what appeared to be a smile. The three continued to stare at Advent. Advent waved at them. "Shit" Moaned Nick. With a swing of hi huge, and muscular arm, Advent splintered the start of the bridge. The rest of the bridge started falling. "Hold onto the rails!" Shouted Nick. It was too late however as Nick, Evan, and Ashlee plummeted the full hundred feet down into the river below.

Neodyoxis reached the destroyed bridge just in time to see Advent disappear in a cloud of darkness. Neodyoxis looked down and watched as Nick, Evan, and Ashlee floated down the river, and out of sight into the ocean.

Nick....Nick....wake up Nick...Nick awoke and threw up a bunch of salt water. "What happened...where are we" Evan laughed. "We floated out into the Bay and washed up on the beach. Ashlee was sitting on a rock, trying to comb her hair with a stick, which wasn't going to well. Nick sat up. "What the hell was that thing" Evan shook his head. "I have no clue" Ashlee stood up. "What if it comes back for us?" Nick looked at her, then at Evan. "We fight it. We'll probably die trying, but at least we wont die cowering in fear." Nick stood up and they went up into the park section of the beach and sat down on a bench.

Where could they be? He thought to himself as he walked past the entrance to the beach. He walked a little further, then turned around. "They may have washed up on shore here." Advent walked down the road to the beach.

Neodyoxis could sense Advents presence. He was close, very close. Neodyoxis emerged from the forest, and walked down towards the beach.

Advent approached The three friends. "I see you're not scared anymore. Good, I like to play with my food." Just then, Neodyoxis walked up to them on the other side. "There's two!" Screamed Evan. Neodyoxis looked at Advent. "I have returned, so you can come back into me, and we will become one." Advent looked at Neodyoxis. "I'm not going without a fight, old man." Nick, Evan, and Ashlee ran and watched from afar. As The world of Darkness surrounded to beach, all hell was about to break loose...

The End

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