Darkness 3: The Beginning (2007)Mature

Written in early 2007.
Before Tony Hicks. Before Kaine, John, Greg, and Timmy. Before modern civilization. In an Aztec city, so forth came...

  In the year 200 B.C., deep an an ancient jungle, there was an Aztec city called Patriquin, there was also a god. An ancient Aztec god of darkness and evil called Neodyoxis. He preyed on the humans if they were outside after dark. One young teen wanted to stop this treacherous demon. His name was Skye. Skye was a typical Aztec teen. He enjoyed playing all the games he and his friends invented, hunting, and making up stories and telling them to people around the sacred fire. Skye wanted to stop Neodyoxis from killing anymore people so he made a plan with his best friend Ray, and his girlfriend, Sareena. It was just beginning to get dark when Skye met Ray and Sareena at the sacred fire. Skye and Sareena exchanged a quick hug and kiss. Ray was shaking. "Whats wrong with you?" asked Sareena. Ray looked at her with a scared look on his face. "What are we supposed to do when it gets here?" Skye picked up a large cloth bag and opened it revealing three shiny, polished, tribal spears and handed one to Ray and Sareena. "We use these to defeat it." Ray looked up at the sky. A purple lightning bolt flashed across the sky, and stopped and floated in mid air right above the three frightened friends.

"How pathetic." Snarled Neodyoxis to him self as he sizzled and crackled above Skye, Ray, and Sareena. "It is bad enough they had to disobey my curfew. But what makes it worse is that they are planning to try and kill me. With those puny spears. Well I'll show them what happens when you mess with the god of darkness. Neodyoxis, as the purple lightning bolt, suddenly plummeted towards the sacred fire. The purple lightning bolt slammed into the fire, sending flashing purple electricity in all directions, and fire streaming across the ground...

Skye dove behind a tree as soon as he saw the purple lightning bolt shooting down towards them. Sareena had hid behind a large boulder. But Ray, Ray didn't see it coming. Ray began to run as the purple lightning bolt slammed into the fire. Dark electricity flowed up Ray's legs, and dropped him like a rock. He lay paralyzed on the ground. The fire flowed at him like a giant crimson tidal wave. Skye watched as Ray was engulfed in flame and purple charges of electricity. When the smoke cleared, Ray was gone. But there stood a purple alligator type creature that stood on its two hind legs. It was covered in black Aztec tattoos. It was Neodyoxis.

"We have to do something!" Screamed Sareena. Skye picked up his spear and threw it at Neodyoxis. SNAP. The spear snapped against Neodyoxis. He smiled. "Your feeble human weapons wont defeat me. Sareena tried to run. She got about twenty steps before Neodyoxis appeared in front of her in a cloud of black shadow. "Please don't hurt me" Cried Sareena. "I'll go back inside and never come outside at night again." Neodyoxis raised his fist to the sky. A purple lightning bolt shot down, went through him, and made a huge explosion envelop him, and Sareena. When the purple smoke and electricity cleared, Skye was left standing face to face with the god of Darkness.

"I'm going to give you two choices boy." Growled Neodyoxis. "One, you let me take you into the land of darkness. Two, I kill you the most painful way I know how. Now choose." Skye looked Neodyoxis straight in the eyes and said "I'll go to the land of Darkness." Skye had a plan. If he could survive the trip into the Darkness realm, he may be able to defeat Neodyoxis. Neodyoxis advanced on Skye, grabbed him by the throat and they both disappeared into a puddle of shadows.

Skye felt like he was being ripped apart. He couldn't feel Neodyoxis holding onto him anymore. There was a sharp stabbing pain in his chest. Like someone had stabbed him with a white hot, molten spear head. Skye blacked out.

He had lost him. Neodyoxis had lost the boy. How could this have happened. He must find the boy and kill him, or everything might end in minutes...

Skye awoke in a pile of bones. He scrambled to his feet. He looked around and saw what looked like a giant, glowing purple heart. Skye walked up to it, and sure enough, it was a giant heart. Thousands of times bigger than a normal human heart. It was then Skye realized what had to be done. He had to destroy the heart. Skye took a dagger out of the pouch on his leopard skin shirt. SLICE. In one fell swoop, Skye cut a long narrow strip across the heart. At first nothing happened. Then glowing black blood sprayed everywhere. The realm of Darkness started to quiver. Just as the darkness around him began to evaporate, Skye fell unconscious.

"NO!!!" Screamed Neodyoxis in terror. "He destroyed the Heart Of All Darkness! All the Darkness in the world will cease to exist!" Neodyoxis left the realm of Darkness to go find Skye and kill him.

Skye awoke in the exact same place as he had been in before he was taken to the realm of Darkness. He got to his feet and looked around. It was completely sunny. Not a trace that there was any Darkness minutes ago. "I did it!" He shouted "I rid the world of Darkness!" His victory was short lived however. "You fool, do you realize what you have done?" Neodyoxis had appeared behind Skye. "But how can you exist without Darkness?" Neodyoxis began to slowly crumble. "I cant. But you will want Darkness soon enough again. You will want darkness and hatred in your life. Besides, your girlfriend will keep me company in the afterlife." Skye got an extreme face on. "You motherfucker! I'm glad your going to be gone forever! Good riddance. Goodbye forever Darkness!" Neodyoxis smiled. "Thanks boy." and with that, what was left of Neodyoxis crumbled and was blown away in the wind.

Elsewhere, seen by only a few mortals, a small purple heart emerges from a small puddle of Dark shadows. A new world of Darkness, started by the only person to have hatred in their heart...Skye. The soul of Neodyoxis got trapped inside the purple heart. The new Heart Of Darkness didn't have enough strength to keep going. So it fell to the ground. After all the flesh rotted away from the heart, it revealed an egg. Inside the reincarnation of Neodyoxis slept, waiting until the right time to hatch. Waiting for the whole world to start hating again. The new Darkness...was an arch-angel. So from the egg rose forth Arch-Angel-ADVENT...

The End

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