The Lampost

A single light peirces the way ahead in the dark.
Erik headed towards it, dried leafs crunched under foot, breaking the silence of the crisp night air.
As Erik got closer to the source of the light, he found that it was a lampost. It was quite a fine lampost to be honest. Such fine craftmanship, metal intertwined with each other, giving the effect that the metal was flowing like a liquid. It was lit by a simple candle inside, and on the topped perched a bird that Erik didn't recognize. Erik reached out to see if the metal was actually a liquid. He reached out his bare hand, ignoring the voice in the back of his head that was protesting (the sensible one). He reached out futher, completely focused on the lampost.

"Don't Erik!! You know yo shouldn't." Sauneen grabbed Erik's sleeve and pulled him away from the lampost. As she pulled him further they sank into the inky blackness.
Erik looked back at the rapidly fading light, he imagined what it would have been like to touch the metal, to see if it was really solid, or just to feel the cold metal underneath his hand, to follow the intertwing pieces. Dried leaves crunched under foot, once again breaking the silence of the crisp night. Erik blocked the noise out and went back to brooding over the matter. Erik tried to imagin what it was like to touch someone, to feel their hands or hair. To be able to hug or be hugged, Erik looked back behind him, looking at the now ,nearly completely gone, light. Searching for the warmth in that bit of light, but no. Darkness wrapped around everything, shrouding the forest in the death of night.

Darkness is a curse. It makes you alone. No one can help you.
The perfect cover for a death.

Light is the cure. But rare to find. To find the healing light. Healing light lifts the curse.

The curse of darkness. 

The End

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