Epilogue, Part Four: What They Say About the PenMature

“What have you done, little fly?” the SHARDIS screams in Clara’s head again, without sound, her  static mouth suddenly breaking away from the jaw and lowering by a few mouthfuls of Clara, rendering a wordless cry of, “MY THIEF! What have you done, fly? I will use every planet for a stepping stone until I find him, ending with yours!” 

“Like he says, you big bully,” Clara cries out, her face whipped by her brown hair, “... my planet is every planet. EAT ME!” 

The SHARDIS wails upward soundlessly again, her jaw working. Then she looks down, as if realizing something, and drops Clara down her towering gullet. 

As Clara falls, she sees the TARDIS at the thing’s throat, half stuck in the white muck and sinking. 

Her last thought is a line from a nursery rhyme. 

“...perhaps she’ll die.” 


To be continued in:



The End

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