Epilogue, Part Three: What They Say About the PenMature

“Doctor!” Clara screams, but the man curled in the Pyramid does not stir; instead, the shape catches the lip of the SHARDIS’ docking bay and bounces along toward black space and stars, out through one of the melted holes. 

As the White Pyramid floats by the melty edges of the hole, something shimmers, outside, the breaking skin of a bubble, and the Pyramid seems to vanish. 

Clara bites her lip and tries to move her head with the projected path of the Pyramid, trying to get a glimpse of it from the holes she can see. But each view is empty.  

“What did you do with him?” she yells, threatening the SHARDIS’ big toe this time. 

But the SHARDIS wails, flailing her huge arms, her body fully formed now, and swaying with rage. The entire woman-ship lurches to the side, weaving to. Clara is tossed into the air and thrown toward one of the holes, toward space.  Her mouth hangs open in horror, but before she can strike the strange bubble outside the SHARDIS, another of the giant ship’s hands makes a grab for her, pulling her back into the relative safety of the SHARDIS’ bosom. 

The End

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