Epilogue, Part One: What They Say About the PenMature

“Do you watch me, little fly?” 

A female voice rumbles above Clara’s head, waking her up. 

Clara opens her eyes, scrubs her long brown hair from her face. 

She stares at the white liquid oozing around her. 

The Flesh. 

“You’ve destabilized!” she says, looking around. “The Doctor can help you. Let us help!”

The voice moves again, thrumming through Clara with the certainty of stone to an ant. 

“No, fly. I will not let him go. Look here.” 

A great leg rises up from the liquid, and Clara can see the Flesh Valeyard, curled and naked and bald as a baby, inside the White Pyramid. The Pyramid pokes from its place, a v of ribs and giant torso, like a gigantic odd Lego brick. But it is not yet completely set in, no, a tiny space still shows near the top of the Pyramid and its intended setting, casting a hopeful shadow. 

“Not there, little fly.” 

Giant hands flow into being above Clara’s head, cupping an object just above the v-shaped Lego. 

In the cup of those hands, a round, dark object. 

The Circuit Egg. 

“Observe, fly.” 

The hands move over the Egg, obscuring as they pull, rending gently. When the fingers move apart, there are two Eggs, one black in the left hand, and one white, in the right.

The End

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