Chapter Twenty-Four, Part Three: The Gold-Guarding Grypes of ArimaspeaMature

“Well aren’t ‘you’ a street vendor in Hyrule,” the big black crow caws in irritation, unsettling the air for a moment as he begins abruptly to flap with a tad more vigor. 

“Don’t you two want this back? I don’t need it anymore!” the Doctor huffs, out of breath with excitement as he holds up the pin. 

The white crow flies close, but instead of clutching the pin, she turns her crow-head to the black crow for confirmation. 

“It’s yours, stupid...” the black one groans in thick sarcasm, quite a feat for a bird, and then rises slightly in the air in preparation for a hasty exit, “I’m going back to the Library. Come on, hayseed,” he calls back irritably to the white crow as he makes for the horizon, “we’ve got other matters to attend to.” 

The white crow stares at the Doctor for a moment, before flying off behind her black companion. 

After looking down and fumbling the pin back onto his chest with a wince, the Doctor tries to find the two crows in the sky, but the light from the sudden overhead sun obstructs his vision, blinding him for a moment or two and singeing his hair. Unseen by the Doctor, the two crows in the distance fade out and ultimately disappear in two puffs of dust, one black, one white. 

Instinctively, he reaches up to cup the light, and his fingers grip the golden globe. 

With a tug, he tears the sun from its cloudy moorings and down the hatch it goes; then he pinches his nose, and scuba dives backward into the muck. 

The End

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