Chapter Twenty-One, Part Four: All the Gold in ChinaMature

The Valeshard considers the scene, striding over to bend here and there, poking at the growing circles of frost echoing out from the Doctor’s prostrate body with the toe of his shoe. 

Then he turns a blithe foot on its blackened boot heel, to snatch up a toddler-shaped snack of a meal as he turns to the doors, for to exit the frost. Next he strikes a grand pose, full of triumph and Boss, popping tyke under arm, dancing back through the frames with a hand for the smarm as he sings a dark ditty full of bloody good prose, making certain the gate is left open for Rose. 

“And the Whats down in Whatville, all frightened and small...

found their hero’s big heart was two sizes too LOL!

Soon you’ll all be eat up,

Yes, the joke is on you!

For I’ve finally stopped him

From winning.


The End

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