Chapter Seventeen, Part One: Four and Twenty BlackbirdsMature

Out in the corridor leaning to the central stair, Jennifer listens to her children's screams. 

Her fingers touch the com unit on the side of her silvery helmet as she squirms it off with the other hand. 

Pop... and out comes the soft little bumper between her brown ponytail and the rest of the world. She hasn’t focused on her face in a mirror in a while. 

She might today, she reasons, as she growls a low growl and applies her fingertips to the washed out stone of the hallway wall, a bit free of the annoying, phallically-preoccupied  rainbow-coloured tapestries. 

The wall blinks white, running white down its long length and around the corner, toward the infirmary. 

Jennifer smiles, and flicks her ponytail slightly with little tilts of her head in anticipation. 

“Now he’s coming up the stairs!” she calls out happily, raising her hands up to command the white now spilling everywhere. 

Her uniform grows into her; her skin becomes white. Her eyes gleam like pale marbles from her white Flesh.

 Her arms grow upward with the streams of white birds now flushing up from the floors, from the walls. 

A murder of white, monstrous crows, feathers splitting the air, great claws hacking through the breathing room.

She and they fly forward, attacking the shadow coming up the stairs.

The End

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