Chapter Eight, Part Two: White Flag SaleMature

Jennifer grins sweetly, showing her teeth as she crouches beside him.


“Without your TARDIS? I doubt you’re in much of a position to bargain with me. The Valeshard leaves me to my own devices. It’s better for him that way. It could be better for you, if you’d just join us.”


A weak laugh escapes the Doctor, but then he sighs brokenly, perhaps at the twinging of a rib.


“You don’t know what you’re missing! I bet he didn’t give you Dental did he? That naughty boy, I shall have to reprimand him next time we...”


Jennifer falls forward like a skydiver, smushing a finger to his mouth.


“I wouldn’t say such silly things. Especially when I might decide to help you if you’re nice to me.”


“Working with Rory... working with the Valeshard... I thought you were Big Strong Jennifer and didn’t need anybody! But well, my mistake. I looked a gift horse in the mouth, after all.”


The Doctor smiles, pointing to his lip. With a shriek, Jennifer bloodies it again, extracting another tooth with the force of her blow.


“I don’t bargain, dear child,” the Doctor mutters softly, allowing a bit of the shadow to steal across his face, “... I trade.”


Jennifer spills out of her silver suit, her face deforming as her neck pools toward him, like a band of hot taffy.

The End

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