Chapter Seven, Part Two: White PaperMature

He steps closer to the left corner, the offending location.


The big dent is still there from where he pitched the left half of door.


And further down, a hair of possibility.


For his feet are turning cold in the draft coming in from the tiny, tiny crack in the supposedly solid wall.


“A hidden passage... I take it this won’t end well for me then,” he murmurs, recalling how he died in a sandy cave a couple of weeks ago.


He looks down quickly at his boots before pushing against the crack.


Ice is forming on the rounds of his boot-toes.




He pulls open the strange sliding door now revealed by the sliver of creeping cold air, and steps inside to find...


“It’s you? But you’re... not this way. Not... this! Agh!”


A pale hand crawls out from the opening, and shuts the door again, sealing the secret of Kenny’s disappearance away with a tidy little laugh.

The End

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