Chapter Four, Part Two: Am I Blue?Mature

Her gold-lit eyes float over the nametag on the nurse’s uniform, reflected in the mirror, and she touches her tongue to the tips of her teeth suggestively as she reads,

“Influences, Jar.”

She laughs aloud as she stares after the nurse’s retreating form through the bars on her door.

Then she remembers a couple of rhymes, and makes a sandwich of them, calling out through the bars.

“For I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down- the better to eat you with my dear and oh look! This is me...” she growls, candid and snarling against the bars, though the nurse is long gone. So she continues her lunch, offering a bite to the one who’s still watching, curling her fingers around the steel and grinning her white teeth like lights from behind calculating, juicy lips, mongrel and plump.

“Dinner Lady.”

The End

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