Prologue: Red Sign in the Mooring, Part TwoMature

“Wall panel, restore settings!”

Still no light.

And now, the room, still dark, seeks to threaten her with its mounting emptiness.

Shrugging into the bed sheet like daddy taught her, Flamina falls out of bed and finds a wall after a tumble over air and some resultant fondling of the carpet.

On her knees now, she heads for a corner, feeling around.

Feel, touch, hear.

Feel, touch, hear.


Fluff. Probably carpet. No,no... too smooth. It’s that pile of silk underthings she bought the Master but never wrapped because he failed to show last night. And now that she’s looking for it, the big red bow is still there, shining sadly in the not-light.


The carpet, not the underthings.

Because her foot feels cold.

She must have knocked her water mussing about near her bed in the dark.

Her hands lift her up, along the solid flat of wall near a raised indentation.

“Ah, the door panel!” she cries, hitting the signature triangle button of the manual lock.

It’s rather like an elevator... the thought bubbles from somewhere. She ignores it.

The entry sticks, then slides, spilling Flamina half out of doors and into the silvery hallway.

“Aunty River always had a pie in the TARDIS icebox for me...” she breathes as she stands up, then pulls up the sheet she’s draped toga-style around herself, “’s a long shot, but maybe the kitchenette for this floor is operational again... damn thing was on the fritz yesterday, I remember it buzzing and sparking...”

The End

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