DARKLIGHT - Part 2Mature

Prologue - The Village, part 2

The woman vanished into the street's clouds, almost as if she was evaporating. She knew deep down that the village was doomed, so she decided escape was her only option. Desperation made all of her other emotions blurry, and she lost sight of logic and calm almost immediately after leaving the house. She felt beneath her feet the hard cobbles, belonging to the market she normally bought food from. She felt a searing pain in her bare feet, as the fire's heat spread further, eating the entire area around her.

This was true despair. She knew she was going to die. It didn't matter what she did, where she went, how she got there. Worse than that, however, her boy was also going to die. A little boy, of only four years, would die. Her son, her only legacy. Everything she had ever achieved would vanish to ashes in the flames. Tears fell down her face, and they flowed like rivers. The flames reached out like demons, and the tears were incinerated. Nothing was going to be allowed to remain. She felt like her insides were being destroyed, her head felt like it was about to explode. The heat meant she could barely breathe, not that she would want to breathe anyway, as all she could take in was vile smoke. She bent on the hard, unforgiving floor, and began choking.

The streets were beginning to blaze now, as the fire grew in strength - it consumed everything that opposed it . The boy had woken from the trance-like state he was in. He felt more than mere anxiety now, discomfort had transformed into terror. He did not know the dangers of fire, but he could feel the peril he was in. His eyes still felt blurry from the smoke attempting to invade them, however he had a vague idea where he was. Smoke began rising through the narrow wooden door of his room. Despite being young, he had a special gift. He could learn very quickly. Some even believed he would grow up to be the best warrior the village had ever seen, in more ways than one. The flames reached an evil hand into the room, and tore at his wooden sword collection. So, taking the one thing he could reach, a necklace, he climbed back up onto the window.

The woman was still in the road. She had given up, despite her strong determination to carry on. She laid down, and prayed for the fire to swallow her up quickly. Through the black smoke, a pair of luminous green orbs got closer and closer. She gasped as they seemed to land beside her. The ground began to tremble.

The young boy felt the house shake. His breathing became shallow, and he was shaking from the panic. He took a deep breath and tried to hold back tears. His mother was going to survive, she could do anything, he knew that. He could see the road below the window glowed a faint orange, however he could make out a safe path among the stones. He saw the orange mass was still growing, and knew he had to be quicker than he ever had been before. He stood up, vision swaying, before he did the unthinkable. He jumped.

The End

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