DARKLIGHT - Part 1Mature

This story is not for the faint of heart! It is not all too bad, however some moments may be rather upsetting to sensitive readers. It is in a rather early stage too, so there wont be loads to read but I have plans to write a much larger story based on this as the introduction. Thanks for taking the time to read :)

Tears in the Fires


Prologue - The village (part 1)


The first thing he saw when he woke up was an eerie orange glow, tainting the inside of the stone grey house. He peered out through the carved square windows and saw shadows trailing like snakes in the ever-changing flames dancing in the streets. Sweat trickled down the boy's face as the immense heat grew and approached him. His pupils grew wide, and he coughed as the thick smoke entered the bedroom through the carved square window. He felt his vision blur, the world lost in a veil of strange colours. The world of illusions, known as dreams, drew him in.

He was back in the same dream he always had, floating through a grey tunnel that never ended. It felt cold, and the tunnel never seemed to end, but he knew that just as he approached the light he would wake up disappointed. The tunnel walls seemed to flash past him, and the feeling of wind rushing past him gave him the impression he was moving at high speed. A faint glimmer appeared and the nausea grew as he seemed to travel faster still through the tunnel. The grey walls started to bend and distort, as the bright white glow became as bright as a moon at night. Inside his stomach, he felt an ice cold tingle as he hit the patch of light full on.

He felt a sharp pain in his neck as he jolted upright; he had been on the hard, uncomfortable floor for too long. By now the entire house was filled with the dark grey smoke from outside.  The boy's chestnut hair was blackening from the soot and ash, and his eyes watered as the dark smoke cloud grew thicker still. He felt his head spin as he hauled himself up onto the grey stone window ledge in his room. Outside, in the dusty roads, all he could see was fire. The apple stand mere feet away from his home had been desecrated, and he suddenly felt a sense of unease that had before just been discomfort from the fumes entering the house. 

"Where are you?" a shrill female voice cried, "Are you in here? Please, if you are, just say something... Anything!" Her voice was stifled as a huge billowing cloud of dark black smoke engulfed her, and choked her like a group of wild dogs closing in on a lone deer. Feeling despair at not being able to find the small boy, she fled back to the hard oak door which she entered through, and it thudded shut behind her, with a condemning bang. The women's features were invisible through the shrouds of smoke everywhere, but her light green eyes glowed with grim determination. But they were also clouded with something they had never before shown. It was a misty veil of hopelessness. Her child was lost, and she would soon die too.




The End

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