Chapter 5 - Discovered

Damn, Opal’s hot, in an emo… goth sorta way. I was walking as close to her as I could. And I thought Lexi was hot! Opal looked at me and smiled, almost as if she knew what I was thinking.

            “That’s because I DO know what you’re thinking.”

            What the HELL!?!?! I swear I heard Opal. “Did you say something Opal?”

            Nate looked at me like I was crazy. “No, Ivan, she didn’t talk.”

            “I swore she did! I know it!!!” Great… now I’m starting to sound crazy.

            “Ivan, you aren’t crazy. You did hear me, but no one else did.”

            Okay, now I KNEW I was crazy. I looked over at Opal, who was gazing intently at me.

            Is Opal talking into my MIND!?!?!

            “Yes Ivan, that’s exactly what I’m doing. And you can do it too. Concentrate on projecting your thoughts towards me.”

            I focused my mind on talking to Opal, without my mouth. My eyebrows furrowed and Opal laughed.

            “What’s so funny?” I demanded in my mind.

Wait… I demanded in my mind? “I did it!”

Lexi and Vivian looked at me. “Talking to yourself again Ivan? I can’t believe I went out with you.”

“Shut up Lex. Opal, welcome to Codeman’s” I watched her closely as she looked around the cozy little restaurant in awe.

“Chip shop you said? Smells alright.” She sniffed the air carefully.

“Opal… how can we do this? IT isn’t…” I struggled to find the right word. “Human.”

“Don’t be daft Ivan. You don’t honestly think there are other things out there besides humans… people like us, do you?”

            I had no answer. Of course it isn’t possible. Is it?

            I lead Opal over to a table and offered to buy her lunch.

            “Anything in particular I should try?” she inquired.

            Lily grinned. “Fries. Definitely.” She flashed Opal a huge smile, and a wave of anger shot through me.

            What the hell is wrong with me. I don’t even KNOW Lily, and already I’m mad at her. I tried desperately to figure out why I was angry.

            Not angry, a voice in my head was telling me, Jealous.

            Opal? Is that you?” I waited, but there was no response. I tried again, making my mind’s voice louder. Still nothing.

            I looked towards Opal, just in time to see her fall.

The End

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