Chapter 4 - Friends?

Late! And on the first day too! Come on Lily! What’s wrong with you? I was so caught up in telling myself off that I wasn’t paying any attention to where I was going. I accidentally bumped into someone. I looked up from my books to see the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. Sure, she was Goth, but she was beyond beautiful… almost otherworldly beautiful.

            “I, I’m sorry. I-“ I stuttered.

            “It’s alright… I should have known you were coming.” She smiled at me. Know I was coming? Is this girl crazy? So many questions were running through my head when she asked me something.

            “Could you tell me where room“-pause-“312 is? I’m late for class.”

            “Uhh, yea, it’s… just follow me, it’s my next class too.”

            “Thanks.” Again with that captivating smile of hers. There was no doubt that all the guys in the school would be following her around with their tongues dragging on the floor.

            Just as I started to move, she stepped in front of me and headed toward our classroom. How does she know where to go? She’s never been here before. I would remember someone as beautiful as her.  

            I had to jog if I wanted to keep up with the girl. “Uhh, I never got your name. I’m Lily.”

            The girl stopped short and I nearly ran into her again. She turned and gave me a quick smile. “I’m Opal. Opal Cross.”

            “Lily Andrews.”

            We arrived at room 312 almost 15 minutes into class. The English teacher, Mr. Swerdna was already into one of his long lectures. He didn’t even turn to look at us as we took our seats, but just kept on talking. I used this time to talk to Opal.

            “So, Opal, where are you from?”

            She looked at me from the corner of her eye and said with a shrug, “England.”

            That’s strange, she doesn’t sound like she’s British. “I’ve always wanted to go to England. What’s it like?”

            Something passed across her face that almost looked like a grimace. “It’s…alright, I guess.”

            She really doesn’t seem happy. “Hey… umm, listen, do you want to hang at lunch?”

            Opal smiled. “Thanks, that would be nice.”

            Class flew by, and when we were back out in the halls, I asked her what her next class was. It only took her a second to glance at her schedule and say “Drama.”

            “We have next period together too!” I was ecstatic, and it was showing. I led her to the Drama studio on the first floor. Our teacher, Mrs. Halie, was extremely nice, and all that we spent time on was getting to know everyone else better. I noticed that a couple of girls were glaring at us. And after the bell went, signaling lunch to start, that was when it happened.

            “So, YOU’RE the girl with the Volvo, you don’t seem too rich. Did you just move here or something?” The girl that was talking looked extremely athletic, while the other looked as though she would beat the crap out of anyone who annoyed her.

            “Yea, I’ve got a Volvo, you have a problem with that?” Opal was trying to keep her cool, it was obvious. The girl that looked like she knew how to throw a punch stepped forward, but athlete girl stopped her.

            “Viv, it’s alright, there’s no threat here.” And to Opal, she said, “Where did you come from? I’ve never seen you before?”

            “England, I moved from England, now if you don’t watch it, someone’s going to get hurt!”

            That got the girl, Viv, to actually pull her hand back and thrust it forwards, only to have it caught by Opal, with some of the fastest reactions ever. Just how fast IS Opal? I was scared, and they had me backed against a wall. Just as it was about to get really violent, the other girl stepped in.

            “Vivian! And you, girl! What’s your name? We don’t need violence on the first day back. All I wanted to know was if you wanted to hang with me and my friends. Of course, I wouldn’t mind a ride in that Volvo of yours.”

            “The name’s Opal, and I already had plans to eat lunch with Lily.” Opal gestured at me over her shoulder.

            “Opal, its alright, I can find someone else to eat with.”

            “No, why don’t you bring her with us? Oh, I’m Lexi by the way. Nice to meet you.” Lexi totally ignored me, but I knew Opal heard. Lexi and Vivian turned at the sounds of their names being called. I looked up towards the voices, and saw two of the cutest guys I had ever seen.

            “Nate! Ivan! Come here! I’ve got someone I want you to meet!” The two boys came sauntering over when Lexi pointed to Opal.

            The taller of the two guys introduced himself as Ivan. “Hi, I’m Ivan. And you’re… ?”

            “Opal.” She finished his sentence for him, then went on to introduce me. “ The shorter one, smiled and introduced himself too. “Nate. Nice to meet you.”

            Ivan regarded Opal with recognition. “I know you! You’re the girl that was coming from England to live with the old Crone! We’re neighbors!” Someone looks happy. I rolled my eyes.

            “Sure then, I guess we’re neighbors.” Opal shrugged he shoulders.

            “Do you want a ride home tonight or anything? I was already planning on giving Lexi and Vivian a ride.”

            “Uhh, no thanks. I have my own ride. But maybe some other time.”

            Lexi butted in. “Oh, and Ivan, Opal’s going to give me a ride home tonight in her Volvo.”

            “Guys, it’s lunch time. Why don’t we go find somewhere to eat?” I didn’t want anymore talk about cars, and the tension in the air was killing me.

            Lexi straightened her back. “Right, what about the cafeteria?” She started walking down the hall towards the caf, but I stopped her.

            “Lexi, why not show her some of the town? She IS new after all, and she needs to try some of Codemans fries!” I shouted after her.

            She stopped short and slowly turned around. “Good idea… Lily.”

The End

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