Chapter 4 - Jealous

School starts tomorrow and I’m no where near ready. I don’t have any of my books, and I don’t know what classes any of my friends are in. I decided it was time for a walk. I stepped out of the house, turning back only to tell my mom that I was leaving. I decided to head east, toward the library. Along the way, someone drove by in a Volvo. A wave of jealousy shot through me. I wish I had a Volvo… Instead, I’m stuck with an old, blue Nissan Altima.

            I stared after the girl in the car. Lexi, forget it! You’ll never get a car like that! I snorted to myself as I started fighting in my head. It’s not like you even NEED a car. You live just down the road from the school!

            Wanting to forget my worries, I decided to jog around the block. I quickly pulled out my cell phone, and there was a text from Vivian. “Lexi! Meet me at the library tomorrow and we’ll walk together! Can’t wait till skool!”  I chuckled and stuck it back in my pocket. I stopped at the library. I wish I brought my library card…

            It was late. I realized this when I checked my watch. 11:38pm. I headed back home.

            Once I was back, I went straight to the computer and signed on MSN. Viv, Nate and Ivan were on. I opened up a chat with the three of them.

            LoonyLex: Hey guys!

          NotoriousNate: Hi.

     Viv: Hey! OMG! I can’t wait ‘till school tomorrow!

          Ivan’sgonnagetu: Viv! Calm down! It’s just school!

     LoonyLex: Okay… if you’re going to talk about school, I’m gonna go… I just wanted to tell you that I saw some girl driving a Volvo. A brand new Volvo. And I’ve never seen the girl before… but yea, I’m gonna go. Bye.

          I signed off quickly, not wanting any of them to have time to start another conversation with me. I spun around on my chair just in time to catch my brother walking toward the fridge  - naked.

            “JAKE! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!” I was shrieking, but I didn’t care at that moment. No one likes to see their brother naked.

            “Lex, calm down! It’s not like you haven’t seen me like this before.” He said it very coolly, and slowly his words started to bring back memories.

            Eww, eww, eww, EWW! Don’t think about it Lexi, just don’t think about it. I walked past Jake heading towards my room.

            I slipped into my bedroom and slammed the door shut. I stared right at my bed, then realized how tired I was. Not even bothering to change into my pajamas, I went straight to bed, and soon enough, unconsciousness took me over.


* * * * *


            I woke up extremely early the next morning. It was only 5:30 so I decided to use this time to take a bath. It had been a while since I had relaxed. I turned the hot water on and quickly undressed. I slipped into the scalding water. It was very soothing. I stayed in until my mom came knocking on the bathroom door at 10 minutes to 8.

            Quickly getting into my soccer shorts and tank top, I sprinted out of the bathroom to my room and pulled my hair up into a ponytail. I had to get to school early today. I wanted to see everyone. Not bothering to bring a lunch, I grabbed a few dollars from my wallet and ran out the door, backpack in hand.

            Vivian was waiting for me at the library just like she said she would. We embraced each other then started to walk to school. Along the way, Nate and Ivan drove up along side us.

            “Like the new car? Dad got it for me as a back to school gift.” Ivan was grinning as he spoke. “You girls care for a lift?”

            I glared at Ivan. “We’re like, 3 feet away from the school retard.”

            Ivan just shrugged his shoulders and sped off to find a parking space. Viv and I walked into the school. As usual, no one spoke to us. We were the loners. Justine was already waiting for us. God, she’s gained so much weight over the summer! I didn’t think that was POSSIBLE! “Hi Justine. You’re looking… good.”

            “LEXI! VIVIAN! I’ve missed you guys so much!” She started to cry, making me look away awkwardly. Viv grabbed my arm and started to drag me away. I looked up at her, grateful that she was able to get me away from Justine before I started to beat her up.

            “Come on Lex, let’s just get to class.” I could tell she was trying to hold back her disgust at Justine too.

            Ivan and Nate showed up just as the bell rang.

            “GUYS! You’re going to be late! Hurry up and get your butts in here.” Viv was shouting at them while I kept looking for the girl with the Volvo.

The End

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