Chapter 2 - Moving

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

My mom was waiting for me in the kitchen, breakfast ready. I gently prodded her mind, wanting to know if I was getting a “moving away” lecture.

“Stop reading my mind! You can just ask me for what you want!” I glared at her and shrugged my shoulders. God she was annoying sometimes. I wanted to yell at her. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I CAN TALK TO YOU!?!?! But I didn’t.

“Where’s Dad?” I asked her this, using the parental names since I wasn’t allowed to call them Auzril and Niko to their faces.

“I don’t know Jem, probably loading your stuff into the van.”

Glaring at Auzril, I said nothing and sat down on my chair with my bowl of lucky charms. I HATED it when she called me Jem. It’s all because of my STUPID name! If I wasn’t named Opal… Amber would have been much cooler… maybe Cross. Unfortunately… I DID get them both in my name. My full name is Opal Amber Cross.

“Opal! Are you ready to go!? We have to leave NOW!” Screw Niko! I would have gotten out of here sooner if they would have let me drive myself.

Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t realize that my mom had come over and given me a kiss, then left – probably to go cry in my room. And sure enough, when I read her thoughts, she was lying across my bare bed – I wanted to take my sheets with me – sobbing, whishing I could stay, begging for forgiveness.

I slipped off the stool I had been sitting on, much more gracefully than anyone else. As long as I could remember, I had always bee more nimble than everyone. I ran to the laundry room and slid my coat and boots on. Quickly glancing around – just to double check that I wasn’t forgetting anything – I picked up my backpack and walked out the door.

Niko was waiting for me already, car running, with all my stuff in the van. I walked over to it and got in the back, not bothering to look back at my house. Why cause myself anymore pain than necessary? I laid my backpack next to me and got out a book. The Secret Circle.             

About 5 minutes later, my mom came out of the house, looking perfect as ever. I, on the other hand, was totally unaware of her sauntering out of my old place. The book held me its captive. There was no escaping the world it dragged me into until the book was finished.

Niko started up the car and then we were on our way to the airport of hell as I liked to call it. I knew the trip was going to be a few hours, so this time I really let myself sink into the world of make believe.


* * * * * *


            I was finished The Secret Circle by the time we got to the airport. We were just pulling into the parking area. I slid my book into my back pack and glanced up at the airplanes looming over head. I unbuckled my seat belt and got out. Niko was already out to the back of the car pulling out my bags. He handed two of them to me without as much as a glance of the daughter he was about to lose. All I did was glare at him, although it was more a death stare – I’ve gotten very good at them.

            My mother was in tears again by the time I had gotten all my stuff through the scanners. I turned to her to TRY and comfort her, though I knew it was going to be impossible. “Mom, it’s alright, I’m going to be just fine!” I knew it wasn’t going to work… I wish she would just let me go. Instead, she wrapped her arms around my shoulders in what was supposed to be a hug.

            “I know, I know… it’s going to be so… different without you around.” It took all my strength to refrain from snorting and saying “It’s not like you would be around much longer anyways.”

            Niko took her arms away from me and gave me a quick, simple nod. I turned away from them – the ones who have raised me – and left to board my flight.


* * * * * *


            Once I was on my flight, I decided to take one last look at those I was leaving behind. I quickly found Auzril – her amazingly blonde and blue hair stood out in the crowd very much – and studied every inch of my parents, trying to burn images of them into my mind before it was too late. My mother – Auzril – was perfect. She was quite thin, but not anorexic, with perfectly tanned legs showing beneath her shorts and her amazing arms in full view from her white tank top. Her face was to die for – framed with bleach blonde hair with neon blue highlights. Her emerald green eyes looked almost like peridot in some lights. She had the straightest nose ever, and the best lips… I am so glad to have gotten most of her. If I had of gotten Niko’s bright red hair and dull, sullen grey-blue eyes, I don’t know what I would have done with myself. I DID get his red hair – but it was toned down by Auzril’s blonde hair. But the part I could never figure out was why my eyes are violet… sometimes even red.

            The plane jerked forward and my attention was brought to the task at hand – getting through the door to Hell.

The End

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