Darkest Secret

This is the first little bit to my new and original story about a teenager girl named Opal. She has to start a new life, in a new school, in a new country, on a new continent.

Chapter 1

     Dark Dreams


I was walking through darkness. I didn’t know where I was, but I at least knew why I was there. I was looking, searching for the brilliant light I had seen many times before in other dreams very much like this. The source of the light – a mystery, but I somehow knew that it was the only thing that would… that could wake me from my misery.

I’m moving.  I shuddered at the thought. But I wasn’t concerned in the least bit about that concept when I remembered who I was to be living with for the rest of hell – I mean, my teenager years. I was moving in with some older woman whom my parents – my extremely young parents – claim to be my Great Aunt Gwenneth. I really wasn’t looking forward to this, and my parents knew this just as well. Why I had to move away from my family… my friends… it was killing me!

I don’t WANT to move! The venom and hatred in my thoughts would be enough to send an entire army to the depths of hell, but I thought it all the same. I was aiming everything at my parents. THIS ISN’T FAIR! I HATE YOU! I knew they would hear. Ever since I can remember, I could tell people what I want or thought through my mind. In return, I could also hear everyone’s thoughts. You could say I’m psychic, but I call it just plain freaky!

I tried to picture my new home in my head, but I couldn’t seem to conjure anything pleasant. It’s not like I haven’t heard anything bad about Ontario or Canada. In fact, everything I’ve seen and heard about the north has been extremely positive, but it just wasn’t home. Nothing could ever replace what I have here in London, England.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! SHUT UP! I hated my alarm more than ever. The one day I wish I could sleep through is the day it picks to be loud. Again, I aimed my thoughts at my parents. I DON’T WANT TO MOVE!!!!! Too late now though. My attention was soon brought back to my alarm as it started blaring “I’m Just a Kid” by Simple Plan. As I looked at the time, something clicked. I jumped out of bed with a start. It was 3:00am. SH*T! My flight was leaving in a few short hours, and I was nowhere near ready to leave. I started cursing, but was cut short when I heard the deep, booming voice of my father.

“Auzril, honey, you know she has to go! She can’t stay here. What do you think she would do if she found out that you only had a few days left to live? This way is better for her.”

WHAT THE F*CK*NG HELL!?!?!?!?!? My MOTHER? She’s going to die!?!?! Why would they think I wouldn’t want to stay? Niko wouldn’t know what to do with himself if Auzril dies! … Oh god! What am I saying!? Niko himself would die! And they’re sending me half way across the world for THIS!?!?!? Screw them! They obviously don’t want me.

Deciding to ignore them, I crawled over to my closet, unable to wake myself enough to walk. I stared into the gaping black hole in my room. Yes, I liked black… I liked it enough that I wore it every day… I hated it when people called me Emo though. Goth fits my character much more appropriately.

Scanning my closet for something to wear, I noticed that that it had become very quiet outside my room. I prodded my parent’s minds to see what they were thinking, but they had both gone back to bed.

I finally snatched my crappiest clothes, not caring about first appearances – not caring about anything at all – and stumbled across the room to my bathroom. I flicked the lights on and was instantly enveloped in red… blood red. I smiled. Red was my other favourite colour. Glancing at my mirror, I sighed. Crap. I really wasn’t in the mood for a shower, but I jumped in anyways, deciding if it woke me up some, I would be able to finish – or start – packing.

A few relaxing minutes later, I was clean. Okay, so it was more like 15 minutes later, but I really didn’t care. I slipped a towel around myself and stepped out of the shower. The heat of my shower must have got to my brain however, because I decided that I was going to make a good first appearance. I took my clothes back into my arms and walked swiftly to my closet.

I decided on my long-sleeved red shirt and my tight black skinny jeans. I spun around to face myself in the full length mirror hanging on my closet door. Something’s missing… I grabbed my cute black t-shirt with the silver Emo kitten on it.

Running back to my bathroom, I picked up my towel and tossed it into the laundry basked sitting just inside my door.

Back in my bathroom, I went over to my make up counter. I quickly applied some thick, black eyeliner and some mascara. Once I was satisfied with my makeup, I grabbed my hairbrush and swiped it through my hair. Done with my brush, I stole a glance in the mirror and examined how I looked.

Makeup… good. Hair…

I really loved my hair. Even on bad days, my hair looked good. Long, wavy and red. Sure I tried to convince my parents to let me die it black, but, being the strict people they are, wouldn’t let me.

I reached for the bag sitting on the floor and threw everything I could into it. Once my bathroom was cleared, I ran back to my room and started tossing clothes into another bag. After I had everything packed up – SH*T!

I then realized that I was totally forgetting the most important things. My I-pod and books. I lunged for my backpack sitting on the end of my bed – black and red like everything else I own – and started tossing my books in. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn – I read each title as I put them in my bag – Vampire Academy, Frost Bite, the Vampire Diaries, Wicked 1 & 2. The last thing I grabbed was my I-pod touch, which I put into my pocket.

With one last look around my room, I figured that I had everything I wanted, and I turned and walked out of my old life.

The End

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