Dove raps quickly on the door three times. A slot in the woods slides away and a pair of bright blue eyes blink at us. "Dove!" A guy's voice calls through the wood. The eyes widen and crinkle at the sides with a smile. "Hey! You're back! Come in - oh, wait. I'm supposed to ask you for the password."

Dove rolls her eyes. "Since when do we use a password, Ryan?"
The eyes blink. "That's not exactly the password, but it's close enough."

The door slides open, revealing a tall blonde guy. His blue eyes sparkle as he grins at us. "So, hey, Dove." His eyes slide over to Ash and me and the grin slips of his face. "Are they...?" He leaves the questions open-ended and glances at Dove.

She nods quickly. "Yeah. Vamps."
Ryan shakes his head. "They're not... Dove, they can't be here."
Dove purses her lips. "But they're with me, Ryan. Please? For me? I'm just here to get my stuff. I'll be in and out in two minutes."
Ryan hesitates but eventually nods his head, relenting. "What're your names?" Ash and I tell him and he offers his hand. We each take it, surprised. "If you're Dove's friends, you're my friends, too."

I glance cautiously at Dove, who rolls her eyes. "Yeah, that's nice and all, but I'm on a deadline."
"What kind of deadline?" Ryan asks.
"A blood deal deadline. I have a week."
Ryan nods understandingly and doesn't ask any more questions. He turns and starts to lead us down the hall.
"What's up with him?" Ash asks Dove.
She shrugs. "He's one of the nice hunters."

We continue down the hall until we meet a large, well-lit room. A couch faces a TV in the corner, and a pair of guys sit on it. On the opposite wall is a kitchen area and a pretty Asian girl stirs something in a pot. Everyone looks up as we enter, their eyes widening when they see Ash and me. One of the guys stands from the couch and exits the room quickly. Dove thanks Ryan and starts to head towards a door on the opposite wall. She pauses to look back at us. "Are you guys coming?" We nod obediently and move towards her.

Just then, the guy from the couch reenters, followed by a drop-dead gorgeous brunette. Her hair falls down her back and bangs frame pretty chocolate-brown eyes. It's her. It's the girl that was watching me on the subway. I sense myself staring and I do my best to focus on something else. Dove tenses. She puts an arm out in front of us, just barely showing unease. "Rena," she says testily.

The End

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