darkest nightMature

I notice how she's careful to avoid saying 'hunting' and I'm glad. It's still a little weird for me to be traveling with someone whose job it is to kill people like me. I turn to say something to Ash, only to find him sound asleep. Dove pokes his cheek. He snorts and mumbles something about avocados. "How attractive," Dove murmurs.

I smile despite myself and turn to stare straight ahead, only to see a girl's face in the car in front of us staring directly at me. She has piercing brown eyes and brown hair falling down her back. She sees me looking and turns, striding down the car and into the next, on and on, until I can't see her any longer.


Coldness freezes me, turning my veins to liquid ice. My clothes turn heavy and wet on my body. I sit up bolt right, gasping for breath. Someone laughs off to the side and I turn to see Ash, bucket in hand.

"Did you really have to do that?" I snap, running a hand through my hair. "I'm freezing now."

Ash just laughs and another laugh joins him. I turn to see Dove entering the clearing where we slept, a little bit off the road in the woods. She wipes her hands on her jeans and stuffs a blanket in her backpack. "What did I miss?"

"He wouldn't wake up," Ash says simply.

I groan and stand up. "Well guess what, Ash? Do you have any clothes you'd let me borrow now that mine are ruined?"

Ash pales and the smile drops off his face. "Not my new shirt!" He squeals like a girl and runs out of the clearing. I chase him, my wet feet squishing in the dirt, probably getting them filthy. I back Ash into a tree and wait. "Where's your backpack, Ash?"

He shakes his head. "You aren't getting my new shirt. No way, Jose."
"Hey! Toddlers!" We turn and see Dove standing, hand on her hip. She lugs three backpacks over her shoulders. She tosses me a shirt and shorts from one of them. I catch it easily. "While you two were playing, I was busy cleaning up your crap. Come on, we need to move."

Ash glares at me holding his clothes and trudges after Dove. I quickly change after they've left and run to catch up with them.

"How far are we again?" Ash is asking.

"Only a mile or so," Dove responds.

I remember us hiking kind of far last night, but I hadn't realized we'd gone that far.
"What are we doing at the safe house again?"

"Getting stuff." Dove replies.

"What kind of stuff?" Ash pries.

"Stuffy stuff." She sighs. "My stuff, none of your business."

I kind of zone out after that, my mind simply going blank as I study the houses we pass. They're old and dainty, like little cottages from stories, with white picket fences and pretty-colored shutters. The sun is less bright than yesterday, due to the many clouds covering the sky. After a minute, a drop of rain falls onto my face. "Oh crap. It's raining."

Dove looks at me. "Good thing we're here."

I turn to see another one of those houses, but older and falling apart. Ash shifts his weight between his feet uncomfortably. "We're vampires, about to enter a vampire hunter safe house? And you don't think they're going to kill us?"

Dove bites her lip. "I'm a rogue, and they're afraid of me. As long as you're with me, you're probably safe."

"Probably?" I ask. "Don't you mean definitely?"

She seems to think this through for a moment. "Nope. I mean probably."

The End

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