darkest nightMature

I adjust the backpack strap on my shoulder, squinting as my eyes adjust to the sun. Vampires can be in sunlight - the rumor that we die in it is just a myth. But the brightness of it right now is uncomfortable to anyone. Ash kicks a pebble next to me. "What’s taking her so long?" I ask him, since he’s older and knows more.

"The blood oath," he replies, "They’re exchanging blood, or whatever. I don’t really know. But if someone breaks the oath, they pretty much die from pain."
I shiver. "Oh."
Dove steps out of the Inn, her blonde hair blowing as the breeze hits her. She stumbles a bit, the light blinding her, too.
"Bright, huh?" I ask, trying to start a conversation.
She stares at me without any warmth. "I guess. I kind have been stuck in a cage for four days, so I wouldn’t know."

I sigh and bite my lip. Ash pats my back sympathetically, but laughs anyway. Dove strides ahead, not looking back to see if we follow or not. We do, falling into step beside her. She looks back and forth between Ash and I. "So," she begins, "We have a few stops on our quest to find the magical flying creature you guys seek."

"Yeah?" Ash asks.
She nods. "Yes. First, I need to stop at a safe house, but the closest one isn’t until New Hampshire. And then I need to talk to my sister, who’s all the way in Virginia."
"What are we stopping at a safe house for?" I ask.
She meets my eyes. "Stuff," she says blandly.
"How descriptive."

"I’m not trying to be." She sighs and checks her watch. "There’s a metro stop a few miles away; we’ll catch the train and see how close it can get us to the safe house. After that, well, who knows?"
Ash smiles. "Life’s an adventure," he says, one of his favorite sayings.

Dove meets his eye. "Well, I guess it is. Especially for us." She turns and starts walking backwards, to see us better. "I may not like you guys but I at least want to get to know you, since I’ll be staying with you and sleeping near you, my innocent neck exposed…" She sighs and shakes her head. "What I mean is that in order for me to trust you, I need to know you. Backstory time."

The End

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