darkest nightMature

I pin the remark perfectly, and although her face remains neutral, I see that flash of anger flare up in her eyes. I then see them flick behind me to where the door is. Her muscles tense in anticipation.

"I wouldn’t do that if I were you."
Those eyes flick back to me. She frowns, her muscles relaxing. "Just looking," she drawls, almost casually. "I want to get to know my prison."

"Go downstairs."
She rolls her eyes. "Whatever, Mr. Warden." And she stomps down into the meeting.


Dove slides casually into my seat, like it belonged to her all along. I don’t feel comfortable sitting in Jocelyn’s empty seat, so I simply stand behind Dove. Someone slaps my shoulder and I turn, finding myself face-to-face with Ash.

My mind flicks to right when Dove got caught. "’She’s pretty?’" I say, repeating the first words he said after he saw her. "Really? Way to go, Romeo."
Ash smiles, a laugh bubbling up in his throat. "Oh, yeah. So you’re still stuck on that?" He shrugs. "It’s true."

"But you had to say that?"
He smiles wider. "Why not? Anyway, what is this about? Other than her, of course."
I press my lips together in a flat line, realizing he doesn’t know yet. "It’s a whopper. Cade will tell you."

He nods and offers me a smile. "Hey, man. Relax. You’re all tense."
He slides into his seat - now the seat next to Dove. His hazel eyes keep flicking in her direction. Dove catches him looking and grins, winking and mouthing, ‘Call me.’ She puts her hand - pinky and thumb extended - to the side of her head. Ash quickly looks away, color springing to his cheeks.

"Alright, quiet down!" Cade yells from the corner of the room. All eyes go to him as the chatter ceases. He walks slowly, deliberately to his chair across from Dove. He’s no longer controlling Darkness, but I can tell he’s still exhausted. The effort has definitely taken its toll on him. He takes his seat and everyone stares at him until he opens his mouth again. "I… this meeting is about... immunity."

I’ve never heard the council burst into talking so fast. Everyone is calling out at once, even the quiet ones who never seem to have anything to say. It takes Cade a while to get everyone to quiet down - or stop shouting, at least. Louise - one of the little, quieter ones - speaks up. "We can be immune? Like, totally immune? No loopholes?"

Cade hesitates, then nods. "How?" Someone calls from across the room.
Cade simply shakes his head. "It took forever for me to figure it out. The Hunter gave me ideas…and I perused them a bit further. And then Emma had a vision, and I knew -"

"What are you trying to say?" Someone interjects.
Cade continues without skipping a beat. "I’m not ready to go into details quite yet. But the main thing is, we need a Winged One."
Dove pales when she realizes Cade’s figured it out. All eyes turn to her. "And I think I know just who’ll find us one."


The End

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