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And a fine one at that. Rogue Hunters are the best. They are trusted with the most secrets because they don’t hang around too long. Unfortunately, the Hunter refused to tell me the secret. After I… I bit her, I knew there was an empathy link, as there is always. It wasn’t too big, and it’s already fading, but I was able to search through her thoughts and feelings somewhat - not a lot, only enough to get some ideas. And I thought more about those ideas she had given me over the past few days. They all led down to one point, which you shall learn later. Then Emma entered my chamber, her eyes completely bloodshot. She had a vision, and the vision depicted two vampires and one Hunter… on a mission… for this one thing. And so I knew what we needed."

After he’s done, I nod slowly, taking it all in. So the bite actually did help him. And… and he found out the secret! "What do we need?" I ask.

He bites his lip, his dark eyes flashing with something like anger. "We need a Winged One."

My heart nearly pulls to a stop in my chest. We need a Winged One - the words bounce dully through my mind. A Winged One. I’d only her rumors about them, stories and legends. They are supposedly like angels, but with no immortality. They are just like humans, except for the magnificent, beautiful wings sprouting from their backs. Those wings can be hidden from everyone with a flick of their hands, making them nearly impossible to find. And just like vampire leaders can control Darkness, Winged Ones can control Light. They are revered and respected by the Hunters, something that would rule the Hunters. But the league of hunters doesn’t know where to find any to lead them. Most everyone assumes they’re extinct, or never were real in the first place.

Cade saw one, and so did those old enough to be around when he was younger. He saw it, killing two vampires with its bare hands, beautiful cobalt blue wings sprouting from its back. One of our clan members tried to help the other two vampires and got disintegrated by the Light, their body burning to ashes the moment they made contact. Most of our clan members were killed that day, but somehow, Cade managed to sneak up to the Winged One and kill it, driving a blade into its back, right between the wings. I obviously wasn’t alive then, but I’ve heard about the fight many times. And supposedly Cade still keeps a cobalt blue feather in a box in his room, although I’ve never actually seen it.

The End

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