darkest nightMature

Cade comes up the following afternoon. I am engraving pictures onto the coffee table for lack of a better thing to do, and Dove is sleeping. I shuffle awkwardly to my feet, embarrassed to be found sitting so close to Dove’s cage. Cade perches himself on the arm of a chair.

"Don’t wake her." He instructs.
I know better than to argue with him. I take a step back.
He meets my eye. "You can leave now."
Uh-oh. I swallow. "Um… I’d rather not, sir."

He blinks, raising an eyebrow. "I see." Shit. He’s going to kill me. "You’re probably right." He says absent-mindedly.
"What?" Did he just say I’m right?
"I… I don’t know. I’m never that… out of control. What was it that Emma said to you about her?"

I search my memories. It suddenly hits me, like a slap to the face. "That she’s important. That she can’t die yet." How could I have forgotten that?

He’s quiet for a moment. The emotions on his face have always been hard to decipher, but it seems like he’s being especially guarded now. I can never tell what he’s thinking, and I definitely can’t now. The silence bears down on me immensely and I find it becoming more difficult to breathe.

Change the subject, I think.
"Cade…" I begin, but I don’t actually know where I’m going with this, so I trail off. His name hangs in the air awkwardly.

"Yes?" He’s staring at me now. I squirm under the gaze of his coal-black eyes.
"Um… what did you mean by immunity? Earlier, I mean." Ah. So I guess my mind wants to linger on that.

This time it’s Cade who squirms, appearing uncomfortable. But by the time he meets my eye again, his emotions are once-again hidden. I feel a sudden wave of frustration at this.

"I wanted to find out how to attain immunity - yes, no death from stakes, loss of blood, blah, blah, blah - from the Hunter. My mother had told me right before she died that the league of hunters knew the secret to total immunity. That’s one of the main reasons they existed. Sure, they want to kill vampires, but most importantly, they want to protect the secret. Decades passed and never once did I get a Hunter within my grasp. And then Cassia planted this idea in my head - what if we could trap them with Darkness? So I tried - unfortunately, Cassia was killed first." Cade grimaces, then continues, "But I was able to get a Hunter.

The End

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