darkest nightMature

The day I had been bitten, it had rained. A lot.

I had been meeting my friend for lunch at the local café we always hung out at. Her dad owned the place. I remember being nervous, really nervous. Why? Well, I was going to ask her out. We had been friends for a while, but then I started seeing her... differently. It had taken me months to work up the nerve to try to ask her out. So we arranged a meeting - 12:30, on the dot.

I had been waiting at the café for a while - nearly half an hour. Figuring maybe she was running late, I decided to go for walk through the park looking for her, because she cut through the park on the way to the café. I was hoping maybe I could catch her and we could walk to the café together, or maybe I could ask her in the park.

I grabbed my umbrella and headed through the lightly wooded area. There was a guy walking his dog, but other than that, the park was pretty much empty because of the rain. I remember wishing I had worn my bad sneakers - my good ones were getting ruined in the rain.

A few minutes passed before I made it to the bench where we normally sat and talked after school. I perched on the edge of the seat, scanning the open, grassy field in front of me. No one was in sight. She probably caught a bus, I thought. After all, it is raining. I had just gotten up from my seat and started to head back when I heard someone scream.

I rushed after the sound, my feet carrying me as fast as I could go. But it was too late for her. She laid dead on the ground, her neck torn open. A guy hunched over her, blood dripping off his chin. Surprise covered his face when he saw me there, then anger, for me interrupting his little dinner party. Another vampire jumped on my back from behind, hissing and screeching. I tried to throw her off, but I only managed to slam into a tree with the momentum I caused. The vampire jumped off my back and hovered over me on the ground. "This one's nice." She hissed, her charcoal eyes piercing into me. Her fangs pierced into my neck and pain shot through me, followed by intense, intense pleasure. I moaned, weakly trying to push her off me, but she didn't budge. The pleasure built and built, and then everything went black.

When I woke, the rain was gone, and the sun shined brightly down on me. My clothes were soaked with blood and my head pounded. Then I remembered what had happened and I cried, remembering my friend laying dead on the ground. I remembered the pleasure of when the vampire bit me. And I cried. I vowed never to kill a human in my new state. For my friend. For Katie.

Weeks passed, and I stayed on the streets, not daring to go home. I scavenged for food, slept in the gutters, and preyed off animals. It was three weeks before Ash stumbled upon me and brought me back to the clan. They welcomed me and were oh so kind, so I began to doubt my first opinion of vampires. The clan all appeared so nice, like a family. But on the inside, I guess we still are all the same.

We're monsters.

The End

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