darkest nightMature

"Shit." I say, my voice rising several octaves. Where’s the trap? Cade, where is the trap? I hear something whizzing through the air on my left and I leap to the right. A blade plunks into the wall where I was just standing. I can barely sense a figure moving a few feet behind me and I spin, knocking a chair over. The loud crash jars me and I wince. Another knife whizzes by just inches from my head. The figure moves again, halfway across the room. The fight or flight inside me kicks in. I decide to fight. I lunge at the figure and make contact, slamming it into a wall, where it slumps to the ground. It makes an effort to stand, but it’s too late. Cassia and Cade’s darkness has appeared, swirling through the air and settling in the form of an iron cage. I know it’ll burn if anyone but Cade touches the bars. The room falls silent. Oh my God. I caught him. I caught the White Feather. The lights flick on and I jump. Ash enters the lobby, stepping delicately over Jocelyn’s body. "Eight dead…" He says softly, meeting my eye. "Though I can’t say I’ll miss her." A hysterical laugh bubbles up in my throat. We stare at each other for a moment, finding no words to be said. After a moment, Ash clears his throat. "So... is it true?" He glances behind me. "You caught him - or… her?" I whirl around towards the cage. "What?"
The End

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