darkest nightMature

Something shatters upstairs. The room falls silent. I hear a thump - then a groan. "Go. Now." Cade whispers. "I’ll be up shortly."

Jocelyn and I move to the doorway. I cast one glance over my shoulder to Ash - his eyes are wide, and he mouths good luck to me - but then Jocelyn and I are moving up the stairs. We reach the lobby at the top of the staircase, but everything is dark. I can just barely make out the shapes of the furniture around the room. It’s so quiet now. The air seems to have dropped ten degrees and it feels stale, and so very, very wrong. Shards of an old vase litter the floor by an end table. It didn’t fall on its own. Something pushed it.

Fear swallows all of my rational thought. All I can think is that I’m going to die. I don’t want to die. Again, that is.

"I… I don’t s-see anything…" I stutter nervously.

"Shush, idiot," Jocelyn says from across the room. "You’ll get us killed."

I glare at her through the dark, whispering, "You can stop saying that, you know," but it comes out more to myself than to her. I continue creeping forward, being careful not to step on anything that would make noise. I vaguely see the bright white of paper on a table in front of me. Curious, I bend to pick it up and read.

Eight down, thirteen to go.

My blood turns cold. I drop the note pressing myself flat against the wall. Oh, God. McKay was only the seventh… am I the eighth? Panic grips me tighter and my breathing quickens. I must be hyperventilating by now. Jocelyn gasps from a few meters away. Did she see the note, too?

I turn, searching through the dark to see Jocelyn. When I find her face, a look of pure wonder and…emptiness stares back at me. Her shirt is slowly beginning to stain the crimson color of her hair. Something sharp and wooden sticks out of her chest. She falls to the floor, dead.


The End

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