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After walking through the old back alleys in town, we stumble upon the old Shaye Mill Inn, which has been in town since the late 1800’s, when Shaye Mill, Maine was founded. Nobody ever stays here, or visits, even. The kids tell stories of it being haunted. If only they knew who really lives here. Us.

We rush inside and dash downstairs to where the dining room is - or rather, was. The fancy embellished wallpaper is peeling and the china cabinets are covered with dust. We now use this room as our council room, for meetings and urgent matters and such. Most of the clan is seated and speaking in hushed tones as we pull into our seats. I spot seven empty chairs, and I shudder. Cade sits in the seat directly across from me and the room falls silent. His dark hair and eyes look darker in the dim light, and he has bags under his eyes. He looks exhausted, but even so, he’s still extremely handsome.

I lean over in my seat. "What’s going on?" I ask Jocelyn.

She rolls her eyes. Right. I forgot she hates me. "You would know if you were actually on time for once!" She huffs.

"Enough!" Cade snaps, silencing my comeback. "Thank you two for kindly showing up."
Jocelyn smirks as I sink lower in my seat. Ash shrugs.

"What you’ve missed is this," Cade continues, "The White Feather has found us. And I have sources that are telling me that he’s coming tonight. But we’ve set a trap for him."

"With what?" Ash asks.

"My Darkness. And Cassia’s."

Silence coats the walls as we take this in. Cassia was Cade’s mate for over a century. They were both very old, although they only appeared to be in their mid-twenties. And they were very strong leaders together - powerful and… and in love. Cade was always nicer around her. Until the White Feather killed Cassia several weeks ago. He hasn’t been the same since, and I understand why. It’d be hard to lose someone you’ve loved for that long.

Something else dawns on me. No wonder Cade looks so worn. He’s controlling his Darkness. Darkness is something only a vampire leader can control, but only in small amounts. It exhausts them, and if they use it too long, it can kill them. Of course, there is the opposite to Darkness, called Light. Light can only be controlled by Winged Ones, but we haven’t seen one in two centuries. Or so I’ve heard. And apparently Cade killed it.

"How will the trap work?" I ask.

"Darkness will cage the White Feather, burn him if he touches it. We’ll use him for information, and when I’ve heard enough, I’ll kill him."

"Are you going to drink from him?" Someone asks.

"I don’t know - no. I will kill him with my hands for what he’s done to our clan." Cade turns to rest his eyes on me. "I want you to guard him while he’s caged. I don’t want him to escape."

Damn. I knew it. Cade always gives me the dangerous jobs.

Jocelyn stands. "What? Why do you trust him? He’ll get us all killed!"

Cade remains calm. "He’s one of our strongest, Jocelyn."

"But… he’s so young!"

I hear murmurs of agreement around the table. I wince and Ash fumes, glaring at Jocelyn. Of course I’m young. I’m only eighteen. I got changed last year. This makes Jocelyn half a century older than me. Of course she feels superior to me, even though I am one of the strongest in our clan. Besides Cade - and Ash.

Cade rolls his eyes at Jocelyn’s disapproval. "Then go with him if you insist," he snaps, "I don’t have the time or patience to deal with you right now."

Jocelyn smirks triumphantly, and I groan.

All of a sudden, Cade tenses. "He’s here," he whispers

The End

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