Darkest NightMature

I decided to try a vampire story... so hope you guys like it and please leave comments!!!

"So," Ash says to me, "Cade says we have a meeting tonight."

I glance up briefly from my drink. "Why?"

He rolls his eyes. "Duh, it’s because of the White Feather. What else would it be about?" I shrug and he pauses. "You know he killed McKay?"

The glass slips from my hand, shattering on the floor. The bartender casts me a suspicious glance, but I simply request another. He doesn’t ask my age. They never do.

I turn back to Ash, my voice dropping to a whisper. "What happened?"

He shrugs. "Oh, you know, McKay being McKay. He was handling some homeless person, not being too quiet. The White Feather found him, and well, you know the rest." A shudder passes through his body.

I crinkled my nose. "Ew. I can’t believe he likes homeless people. They’re nasty."

Ash laughs humorlessly. "Coming from you, Jett." He eyes a pair of girls walking by, wearing skirts so small I can hardly see them. "You’d drink from any girl at the bar."

"Sounds like I’m not the only one," I say, nudging him. He looks back to his drink.

My mind is in a whirl. McKay… he’s the seventh one of us. The seventh one to be killed. I thought the White Feather was done with us. It had been awhile since the last one was killed - she was named Meg. Apparently, though, the White Feather isn’t done. He’s still on a mission. And Cade is starting to get worried.

The White Feather is a vampire hunter, to put it simply. He’s incredible and vicious and one of the best there has ever been. None of us have ever seen him, but we know it’s the same person because of the white feather he leaves behind on each vampire he kills. It’s his trademark, and since we don’t know his actual name, we call him that. So far, he has killed off five clans, including any stragglers he finds. McKay is the seventh one that’s been killed from our clan, leaving us with only fourteen members. It’s no wonder Cade’s getting worried. We’re almost all dead. For good.

Ash swallows his drink and glances at the clock. "Damn. We’re late."

I roll my eyes. "Again?"

His hazel eyes sparkle as he grins down at me. "I’m dead," he laughs. "Time means nothing to me."

The End

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