Darkest Hours

A young man's 24-hour journey from life in the morning to death in the night, and the events inbetween.

The night is cold and bitter, the wind an enemy employed by nature to make a body colder and more numb.

Under the inky black sky surrounding the earth, there is a small public park.

In this public park, there lies a young Boy. His breathing is shallow and gravely, choked by the blood trickling from his mouth.

A few metres away from him, a pair of broken glasses lie in the glistening damp grass. The dislodged lense reflect the light from the streetlamp.

A few metres away from the glasses, a wooden-handled kitchen knife is stuck upright in the ground, the handle outstetched, welcoming anyone to pick up its blood covered body.

The Boy shifts uncomfortably on the ground, trying to move, trying to get away from this place. Because there is one thing he is sure he doesn't want to happen here. He is adamant that he will not die here.




The End

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