Darkest & Misery


Court of King William the Conqueror, Medieval England

Torches guttered, sending thick choking smoke billowing to the ceiling as I hurried past.  I kept myself from lunging into a flat run only by the sheerest effort.  It was still considered indecorous for a lady of breeding to run, unless in the strictest of emergencies.  The silk veil that covered my fawn brown hair threatened to come undone and be left behind.

I didn't care, all I wanted was to catch up to him, to kill him, to finally end my eternal servitude.  I came to a stop, where the corridor ended in a 't'.  I leaned over, hands on my knees, trying to slow the pounding of my heart.  I was close, so very, very close.  But which way had he gone?

"This way..."  I heard his voice in my head, it almost felt as if he were whispering in my ear. 

I shivered, pulling the dagger out of my bodice, the fingers of my left hand gripping it so tightly, the knuckles were white.  I turned to the right, obeying Darkest's voice.  I made my way slowly, taking the time to compose myself.  It didn't matter how long I took, because Darkest was waiting, toying with me.

Darkest had led me to the gardens, lying fragrant in the silvery light of the moon.  The smell of roses was cloying, the dew wet the hem of my gown as I crossed the garden to where Darkest stood.

"Misery..." he sighed, taking my right hand in his and bringing it to his lips.  "What are they calling you now?"

I dipped my head, trying to hide the flush of pleasure that crept up my cheeks.  "This time, they call me Danele." I replied in a whisper.

"Ah," he breathed, pressing his cheek to mine, inhaling my scent.  His arms wrapped around me, rubbing my arms from shoulder to wrist as I gradually relaxed against him.  I closed my eyes, and felt him grasp my left wrist.

I tensed in pain, my mouth falling open ina silent gasp.  Darkest brought my arm up, inspecting the dagger.  The beautiful gold filigree the wrapped around the ivory hilt, the blessed silver blade inscribed persoanlly by the Angel Gabriel... all of it covered in dried blood, my blood.

Darkest looked at me, his beautiful cerulean eyes locking on to my dark green ones.  He smiled, a wry twisting of one corner of his mouth; the smile that always made my breath catch in my throat.  I closed my eyes, tears spilling over the lids.

I was going to die... again...

"I love you, Misery..." Darkest whispered against my lips. 

I sobbed out loud then, twisting my face away from his.  I screamed as the blade slid into my unresisting flesh.  The inscription flaring bright as it fed on demon blood. 

Darkest lowered my empty shell to the ground reverently.  My awareness stood by and watched him arranged my limbs and pull the knife out.  My deep green eyes became glassy and I wept anew.

"I'll return this to you." Darkest said, saluting me where I stood.  i turned away, listening to him whistle a jaunty tune as he pocketed the blade and left.


I woke, sitting straight up in bed, sweat covering my body like dew, a sob choking me as it caught in my throat.  I swallowed it, tears already wetting my pillow.  Dreams of Darkest only meant one thing.

He was back and Gabriel had need of my services.

I lay back, staring unseeingly at the ceiling.  This was the fiftieth incarnation for me.  Fifty times I'd had the opportunity to kill Darkest, sending him back to the pits of the Hell where he belongs.  The past forty-nine times, I'd failed.  Paying for my failure with my own demonic blood.  It wouldn't be so bad if only I didn't have to report my failure to the Angel Gabriel.

I sighed, lighting a cigarette, no doubt I'd be getting a call from Gabriel in the near future, as well as a gift from Darkest.

I might as well get some sleep while I was able.

I stubbed out the cigarette, rolled over and closed my eyes.

I dreamed that Darkest and I were waltzing to a tune only he could hear.  We walktzed through the mirrored corridors of Versailles as my dagger protruded out of my rib cage and blood dripped down the mark our passage in the hall as France revolted around us....

The End

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