Darker than BloodMature

Darker than Blood       By: MFurr

               My day began as it normally did: sleeping later than I should, and then quickly hurrying to school.  School seemed pretty normal at first too.  In my first hour, I took a proof geometry test, and then had some time to spend on other things until the rest of my class was ready to turn it in.  I fell asleep, and the teacher got upset and sent me to the office with a referral.  I was quite upset about this, but I wasn’t sent home so I just continued my day as usual.

Things started getting strange in the second hour with a black van appearing at the school while we were working on our grammar assignments.  At the time I thought nothing of it at all.  I thought it was strange but never gave it much thought.  I stopped daydreaming and got back to my grammar assignment.  After that we started reading a short story called "The Most Dangerous Game."  We didn’t finish but the teacher gave promise of continuing it the next day.  Tiredly, I pulled my body into my next classroom for the third hour of the day. 

I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, so it came as no surprise to me that I fell asleep in that class too.  Thankfully we watched a movie, so I didn’t get in trouble.  I woke up at the end of the hour.  Dazed, I got up and looked out the window to see the van was still there.  A creepy chill sent down my spine when I saw it but I didn’t know why, because after all it was just some random van. 

I continued to my next hour even though it felt as though I had a three hundred pound man on my shoulders because of how tired I was.  I had to look up several times to make sure there really wasn’t one.  In my next hour, we didn’t have any windows.  The room was completely isolated.  There were stairs just outside the door that lead to an exit.  It was the art class of the building, and it was a huge room split up into three rooms with make-shift walls and large openings to travel from one room to the next.  I was creating a painting of an eye.  It had a grey violet color where the whites of the eyes would normally be, and many black rings getting larger and larger like ripples coming from the pupil.  Altogether it was an interesting piece of work.  My friends at my table also had interesting drawings with flattering colors, and a natural feeling like they belonged exactly how they were.  I insisted that they keep them how they were, and so they did. 

After we finished, we were all talking and laughing when suddenly the lights flickered out.  The teacher ordered us into the corner like sheep in a pen.  I saw a slight gleam coming from something.  There was clearly light reflecting from something but i never figured out what the initial light was.  It took a while for my eyes to adjust and I saw that there was a dark figure sitting under the desk in the front of the middle room to the right of the main doors.  It took me around five minutes to realize who or what I was looking at as my eyes adjusted. It was a boy about my age carrying a knife.  The knife was not small, but it wasn’t exactly a sword.  It was just small enough to hide in your clothes.  I recognized the figure as Largo, but his real name was Nick.  I had a Spanish class with him the year before, and he used to have long hair, but he cut it short more recently.  He almost never talked and usually kept to himself.  He was Caucasian, and not very tan.  At first I thought he was going to kill himself.  I very soon realized otherwise.  The Public Announcement Speaker in the room crackled on and a voice came on and could hear someone clearing their throat.  The word “code” almost came but then abruptly stopped.  Suddenly muffled screaming came from the speaker, and then silence.  A thousand awful thoughts came flooding into my head: ideas, crazy ones.  Those thoughts abruptly stopped

People in the room panicked.  By the time the teacher finally calmed all the students down, they were scattered all across the room.  None of them were hiding in the corner any longer.  Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and the locked door to the room was on the floor horizontally.  Two men came in at first, with shotguns and pistols.  Before they could let off one bullet, each of them had a knife in their throats.  When someone has a lung for of air and their throats are sliced open, its sounds almost like a sad flute.  Blood was caked all over Nick's clothes and face.   The blood was oozing from his clothes at some parts while other parts weren't.  The positions of his body made it so that the right half of him was caked in blood while the other half was completely dry.  Two more came in and tried to shoot, but the unforgiving cold steal shaft was jabbed down their windpipes before they even had time to react.  This successfully caked the other half of Nicks body in fresh warm blood as if to match the other half.  After slaughtering four men he started to walk out of the room, but after only two or three steps he stopped.  My ears were ringing as there was the sound of a gunshot echoing through the room.  Nick quickly turned back to a dying man on the ground and whipped his knife with such ferocity you could hear the sound of air being displace around it.  The shooter had a knife in his ribcage, but it was too late.

 It all happened in a matter of seconds, but it felt like an eternity as I watched from a festering waste ridden can.  The scene was horrifying for many reasons I cannot  explain . I peered around through the top of the trash can.  The lack of sound made what I heard next even more blood curdling.  A loud cough heaved out and some kind of liquid got in my eye.  It was warm at first but slowly cooled.  Once I got it out of my eye I tried to see what it was.  It was no use.  There wasn't nearly enough light spewing out of the crack for me to see what it was.  I cautiously removed the lid of the garbage can as i looked back down at my hand.  It was very dark colored.  Spreading the liquid out a little more i looked up once more, and then down again.  It was blood.  I jerked my head up to see Nick sliding down the wall slowly next to the door.  He left a trail of blood that pointed straight to him.

  I jumped out of the trash can but my foot got caught on the top and suddenly my world was upside down.  The ground approached.  I tried to put my hand up but I was too slow.  My face smashed into the hard floor and I heard the sound of cracking before I felt it.  My nose was spewing blood and covering the rest of my face as if to match my eyes.  I didn't immediately feel it, but when I began to stand, it hit me like a sledge hammer.  It pounded and ached, and for a moment I nearly forgot about Nick.  I immediately called nine-one-one for nick, but I ended up going to the hospital as well.  I was only in the hospital for a day, but Nick stayed much longer.  Somehow the bullet that hit Nick managed to not hit any important organs.  After a few month, he was out, but he never spoke a word of the incident since then.  I recently got my hands on footage of Nick opening an anonymous note from the school cameras.  I  froze the footage and took a picture.  It was 2014 then but it is now the year 2025.  If you are reading this than this than you are probably looking for information.  You won't find what you are looking for though.  the footage was too hazy to get a clear message.  You may want to look at some of these, though.  I finally gathered all of these notes but now my vision is failing me.  You may may wish to look these over.

The End

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