The Diamond Triad VS The Noble Giant (Part 2)Mature

Griever watched from his seat as the two 'noble' men started fighting. Despite being everything he had fought against as part of the Night Hawks, he knew these two were people he truly couldn't hate. Mainly because of his situation. 

In war, mercenaries had no one but themselves. They did not rely on allies, nor did they work toward a goal other than money. There was no conquest, like the kings had, and there were no true allies, like the generals and lords commanded. There was only kill or be killed. That was just normal. 

In this 'Tourney,' all the contestants could be considered to be mercenaries, fighting for no one but themselves. The two men fighting were not leaders of men at this moment in time, but men struggling for survival. And that's why Griever could not bring himself to hate them. 

"Thinking about the competition, fellow hero of righteousness?"

Griever turned to see a shorter man with messy hair and a confident posture. This was Justice, a so-called Hero. Griever knew Robin was considered a hero, but at least he had never proclaimed himself to be one like this cocky guy had. Griever suddenly felt very annoyed just having him around. Why weren't there any girls in this little box they called a Viewing Stand?!

"How am I a hero?" Griever asked Justice, deciding he would humor him.

Justice smiled and closed his eyes, "It is on your face, friend! You have the eyes of someone who has saved people before!" He turned to Griever, opening his eyes and gazing into Griever's own like some sort of queer man. "Can't you feel the kinship between our Righteous souls?"

Griever sighed. There was no use getting mad at this fool. "I am a mercenary.I save people when ordered and kill people under the same reasoning. Don't confuse me with you." Griever saw a girl in the back of the Viewing Stand they were in just then. She seemed to be watching the fight too intensely to realize Griever's gaze. "Plus, I prefer to get the ladies and make myself famous in their dreams." 

Justice didn't say any more and decided to watch the fight instead. Griever regretfully took his eyes off the beauty he had found and followed suite. 

The battle was still raging as earlier - both contestants were coming close to being hit by each other only to dodge at the last moment. What really surprised Griever was how agile this Monstroth was. Despite wearing the immensely heavy armor and swinging that large ax that looked too big to be called usable, the giant of a man was keeping up with his smaller opponent without much trouble. It looked like he had a sure victory, really.

But, the smaller man was impressive as well. To the untrained eye, one might think this Bain to have amazing reflexes and attacking anywhere he saw an opening, but not to Griever. Years fighting in battles and his small time with the Night Hawks had taught him how to see through techniques. Bain's technique utilized every movement to his advantage. He dodged at the absolute last moment to conserve energy and struck only when he saw a clear opening to the weak spots in his opponents armor. 

This was a battle between overwhelming power and overwhelming skill. 

Griever swallowed hard. He was confident in his abilities, but he still didn't want to face either of these men. Also... Griever looked around the Viewing Stand at the other victors. He had been the first to do battle, so he had seen every one of their fights. None of them - with the possible exception of Silver whom had not really fought - were to be taken lightly. 

And this Silver... Griever watched the man as he observed. His eyes followed fluidly to each movement, almost as if he was memorizing the fight, rather than observing how it played out. He was an assassin, so maybe he was devising a way to win? Who knew...

The battle finally finished when Bain, the smaller man, finally got a hit on Monstroth's hip. He instantly used the injury to his advantage and struck several other weak points in the armor at almost the exact same time, causing Monstroth to fall to his knees. Griever almost expected him to finish the giant off, but he didn't. The victory was already determined and the crowd's roar signaled that they were already pleased. 

"That was just like my Justice Strike..."

Griever nodded at Justice's words. He was right. Justice Strike - a silly name, really - was essentially done after observing the enemies weak points after an extended time of observation. By recognizing every point and hitting them before the enemy can react, you can disable or kill them with ease. 

The only difference between Bain and Justice's Justice Strike was that Bain was always striking at the weak points as fast as he could. He simply had a fast opponent this time around. 

"We have a victor!" the strange voice said from all directions, "The Diamond Triad triumphs over the Noble Giant! This was truly an exciting outcome! Two noble souls have battled with their all, but only one could win! Let's hear it for both these men once more!" And the crowd roared once more.

Another contestant - the second female of the group and someone Griever had been purposely avoiding - pointed up toward the top of the arena and said something to Silver, whom ignored her. Griever couldn't hear her over the crowd, but he didn't care about that.

At the top of the arena, sitting in a pitch black seat of stone, was a figure in even darker armor and holding a sinister blade. Griever didn't know how he made out that much about the man at the distance between them, but he somehow felt... drawn to fight that figure. 

"So," Griever whispered, remembering a passing guard's words, "That is the Tourney's Champion and owner, Seigal Dark-Blade."

The End

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