The Heavenly Arm vs The Butler SwordsmanMature

A secret room. An armory full of weaponry, excluding projectiles. Even an arena full of cheering fans and raging emotions! This truly must be a challenge to the great and mighty Hero of the Righteous, Justice! 

Justice waved at the massive crowd surrounding the tournament. He had been led here after some man told him about Justice's own life. How had he known? Well, it didn't matter much, so long as Justice was not revealed to this crowds. 

"Ladies and Gentleman, I know you have been waiting patiently for this next battle!" An announcer? Wherever this was, Justice was already excited! A Hero of Righteousness needed popularity like this! "On one side is the charismatic, self-proclaimed hero Mr.-"

"SILENCE!" The entire crowd, and announcer, became quiet as Justice's words echoed. Were they really about to say his name to all these people!? "I am called Justice! My real name is of no importance, so long as I can be a Hero of Righteousness!" Justice shoved the sword he held to the sky. "In this world, there must always be secrecy to the true heroes! We must guide justice to the villainous evils of the world without succumbing to the temptation of fame! So, my dear people, do not wonder my name! I only live to be Justice, no one else!"

Cheers erupted at the end of Justice's proclamation, to his delight. True, he enjoyed the cheering and fame his name brought, but that was normal. Acts of righteousness should be known, but their practitioners should not abuse the attention.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen," the announcer said, "I don't think there is anything else I can say. Justice is the Heavenly Arm! Now, let's introduce our second contestant!"

It was then that Justice noticed a figure on the other side of the arena. Unlike Justice, who had messy hair and average stature, this man was excessively large and had smoothed back red hair that burned like fire. In each hand, the man carried a greatsword, something Justice could never do. What was with that regal expression, though?

"He is called the Butler Swordsman! Introducing Simon Labrov, first-mate of the Iron Vikings pirate crew!" Well, that helped explain some of this man's personality and looks. And since he was a criminal, it explained why Justice was here. He must kill these wrong-doers! "Using only giant swords that he designed, Simon placed fear and respect for the Iron Vikings in people all over in his land! Give it up for the Butler Swordsman!"

"Contestants! Begin!"

Simon ran toward Justice at full speed, just like any villain. Justice decided to react accordingly and rush toward his opponent. This would be easy, really. Large swords gave more power, but they were also bad when it came to momentum and being clumsy. It suited a pirate perfectly!

Justice ducked as the pirate swung one of his blades toward the hero. Easy. The second blade came after that and- 

Justice rolled to the side just in time to dodge the first blade that had come back. What in the name of Righteousness!? Had that pirate just switched the sword in mid-swing and initiated a double-strike? How powerful was this villain? 

No, calm down. Justice was the hero and he would not lose. 

"Take this villainous scum!" Justice screamed at his calm enemy. His sword jabbed directly toward the pirate's gut. 

With the clang of metal, the pirate pushed Justice's blade aside with his second greatsword. Just as expected. Justice had guessed that the man's left arm was weaker and that the pirate only used the second blade to block. A good strategy for a villain, but not good enough. 

Justice spun with his sword and swung at the pirate's leg. With Justice being this close and the man having his blocking sword moved out of the way due to his block only a split second before, Justice could not be blocked. 

Or so he thought. 

Justice was shoved back by the blocking blade's side. Surprised, he back-rolled and came up in a defensive stance. 

"I am ambidextrous. I can use both these swords with ease, though I commend you for making such tactics, no matter how useless." The pirate's bloody face never gave of a single emotion when he spoke... He was mocking Justice!

"Fine, I see how this is." Justice took a deep breath and forgot everything. The crowds, his situation, the announcer, and even the place he was in. Once he was in nothingness, he pulled one thing into it with him. The target. It was not a pirate right now, nor a swordsman. It was just a target. Nothing more. 

And then he moved. 

"Justice..." The target came close as Justice closed in, swinging two obstacles as it came. Justice moved through them easily and focused on the middle of the target. There was only that.  He swung his blade. "Strike!"

And then reality came back. Justice was standing over the clumped form of the pirate, his two greatswords on the ground on either side of the hero. This was another victory for the side of righteousness! Justice thrust his sword to the heavens as the crowd cheered. 

"For Righteousness, I cut all that is evil! I am Justice!"

The End

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