Veronica vs. Ryan GomezMature

Ron ran her hand along the handle of an axe with mute interest.

The little man who had addressed her on her awakening hadn't been lying about the armory. It had pretty much any weapon she could possibly think of, aside from her sword, of course. A pity. 

Not that it bothered her. Whatever this place was, Serenity the man had called it, it was just another adventure. And if there was a chance to pilfer something during this adventure, it was worth her while. 

She strapped as many knives onto her person as she could and tied a rapier to either side of her waist. 

After pulling a cape on her shoulders, Ron was as ready as she would ever be for the 'contest'.

Within moments she was led into a massive arena, where the smells of blood and sweat invaded her lungs. All that was missing was the smell of salt and it would be just like the seaside. 

"Ladies and gentlemen!" a voice boomed out of nowhere, making her start, "Today in the arena we have the Red Lady, a seafaring pirate skilled with the sword! She's got a mouth full of gold teeth and will do anything for a pint of rum!" 

An impossible loud roaring resounded in her ears and she noticed the stands elevated a good twenty feet above her, packed with cheering people. What lies. She had immaculate teeth that needed no replacing and despised drinking. 

Even so, this felt almost like the days she spent fighting in pubs, dressed as a man. Ah, memories. 

"She will be facing a survivor of the apocalypse itself, zombie-slayer and lightweight boxing champion, Ryyyannnn Gomezzz!"

Veronica watched as another woman walked into the arena, wrapping bandages around her hands and watching her with haunted brown eyes set in a gaunt, but what must have once been beautiful, face. She had two intimidating blades strapped to her back and multiple scars running down her muscled arms.

"Let the match BEGIN!"

A bell rang somewhere and Ron drew one of her swords. 

Her opponent smiled a crooked smile before raising a hand and challenging Veronica to advance.

Ron took the challenge.

She ran forward and sliced her blade through the air, her blow parried with a machete. Veronica moved forward quickly, drawing her other sword to throw a flurry of attacks with both. The woman she was facing had brute strength, yes, but her technique with the blades was messy. 

Easily remedied. Ron flicked her wrist twice and the woman was disarmed. 

Ha. Too easy. 

But the match wasn't over. Oh dear. 

Veronica sighed and, deciding that she might as well play the honorable duel partner that day, threw her swords down.

She should have stuck to her pirate's moral code.

Within seconds she was in a bare-knuckle brawl, dodging rapid, constant hits and landing a few of her own in between. It was fun, but soon she was getting tired and this Gomez was much too light on her feet. 

Ron let her fist connect with the woman's jaw and pulled a knife from each of her sleeves in the time it took for her to recover, holding them up with a sly smile.

"So sorry, but a pirate's got to do what a pirate's got to do."

She considered ending her then but let her run a good few yards from her, towards one of the blades lying on the floor.

When her opponent turned, facing her again, Veronica threw the knives.

They flew threw the air, straight as an arrow, and lodged in their intended targets.

The sound of a body falling was muffled by the crowd's roar.

"WE HAVE A VICTOR!! The Red Lady moves on to the next rounds!"

Ron threw her hands in the air flamboyantly, bowing to acknowledge her own skill.

For, on the hard-packed soil, lay the proof. The previously quick-as-lightning warrior was on the ground, a short dagger lodged in each eye and blood pooling around her head.

Veronica walked over to the convulsing woman and quickly slit her throat. And, deeming her to have been worthy, took off her cape and draped it over her body.

There. Now the match was over. 

The End

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