Charlotte VS The King of PikemanMature

Charlotte woke up half expecting an angry Hanto slamming at her door.

“Shania Yura.”

Charlotte started at the sound of her real name. She tried to whirl around, but her body wouldn’t listen.

“Who are you?” She hissed, trying to hard to move. How did he get hold of her name? Only Teacher and Sister knew of it. Was she sold out? “And how did you get my name?”

“This is the Dark-Blade Tourney. You’re entered in the next round.”

“Wait, what?” Charlotte continued to struggle to move. Did Hanto kidnap her and throw her here? This most certainly seemed like the type of thing he might do, but then... Charlotte doubted the royal prince had brains enough to do that without waking her. “Why can’t I move?”

“We’re restricting your movement until your round starts. You have been labeled dangerous.” The voice laughed. “Not that everyone else isn’t dangerous.”

“Dangerous?” Charlotte’s voice had gotten shrill. “Of course I’m dangerous! Now let me go! Show yourself you wimp!”

There was no reply.


It was too bright. No fire could make light that shined down on the stage as bright as this place. Something was different and Charlotte didn’t like it.

“Welcoming, Charlotte!”

Screams echoed from the stands and Charlotte couldn’t help but cover her ears. At least they respected her privacy and gave only her alias, but where did they get that name from as well?

“Known as a Jill-of-all-trades in fights, her strongest strength though is her speed in swordplay. Let’s welcome our newcomer!”

Charlotte really wanted to slap that voice. They just gave away her strength! She just lost the element of surprise!

“And now, let welcome Garland, Master Pikeman!”

Charlotte cursed herself for her bad luck as she watched a huge hunkin’ man two heads taller than she was lumber his way to her. He had on heavy armor and a long... mace rest against his shoulders. Why did he have a mace? Didn’t they say he was a pikeman? The screams for him were louder.

No fair... Charlotte protested, Why does he get armor?

“The king of all the mighty Pikeman Kingdom, his strength is unbeatable by all. His favorite weapon is the mace, unlike his kin from Pikeman.”

It felt like an eternity before the voice came back on again.

“And let it begin!”


The first thing Charlotte did was back up. She was no match for that mace and Charlotte was not stupid enough to be one-hit KO’ed. After all, she was labeled dangerous for a reason. She could hear booing from the stands, which was reasonable. She looked like a coward backing up, but that was the exact affect she was going for.

“Afraid, little girl?” Garland laughed, lumbering towards her. But he was just so huge, his legs so short. Speed was obviously not his strong point.

“Go to hell.” She cursed. Time, that was what she needed right now. That monster was so heavily cloaked in armor, how the hell was she going to even hurt him? This was so unfair. But then, Charlotte frowned. His armor looked too heavy and from what Charlotte could tell, it was also the type of armor that hinder your arm movement to anything but moving backwards, which was inconvenient if you wanted to, say, scratch your back. It was something about the back plate. But his arms were moving as freely as freely can be.

So he has no back plate?

Charlotte ran forward and drew her sword. The Pikeman smiled as if he were waiting for this moment. Just as Charlotte was in range, he swung the mace as her forming a long sideways arc. Charlotte slipped to the ground right beneath the mace, sliding past him and rolled back up, now standing behind Garland. She threw a quick backwards glance at the back of the armor just the make sure.


She threw her sword at the empty back and heard it land solidly into the flesh.

A dark smile formed on her face as she stared into Garland’s dying eyes.

“How?” He asked in disbelief.

“Didn’t you forget? I’m a Jill-of-all-trades. Whatever that is.”

That wasn't to bad.

The End

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