The Raging Lion Vs The Wandering SwordsmanMature

Warriors from all across time and realities are sought after to fight in the Dark-Blade Tourney! Be it the simplest of peasants fighting with a staff or the richest of nobles with years of skill with the sword, none are exempt from the chance of being summoned to the Tourney to fight as equals! Now, let's see how the contestants of the newest batch fair against each other!

"Griever. Real name Leonard Dominos. Became a mercenary to support his independent lifestyle, but returned home only to lose his sister in a rebellion. He then joined the Night Hawks and began to assist them in their own rebellion. He has encountered abnormality creatures, but has no superhuman traits. Special skill: Morph Swordplay."

Griever watched as the little man finished reading what was on the paper. If it wasn't for his shock at actually being in some strange room with nothing but a pair of trousers on, Griever was sure he would be asking how this man how he knew all that. Where was he? There was no shackles on him, so he couldn't be imprisoned and there was no real sense that he was locked in this empty room with the little man...

He decided to ask.

"Hey, where am I?" The man looked up, a somewhat surprised on his ordinary face. His clothes looked odd, at least, so Griever didn't think he could forget this one. 

"You are in a holding cell for Dark-Blade Tourney combatants," the man said, looking back down to his paper and writing something down. "You have come to faster than I thought you would. Due to the suppressants in your body, you will not be able to move, so I request that you try not to make trouble."

Griever tried to move only to find out the man had been telling the truth. By the Beasts! He had been hoping - ever so slightly - that this would be a dream or prank or something... Was this guy a Fae?"

"In a few moments you will-"

"Where's my sword!?"

"-be able to move. It is at that time that-"

"Hey! Did you harm the others!?"

"-you will be escorted to a room with weaponry for your choosing." The man turned to leave, still ignoring Griever's straining to move. 

"Hey! At least leave a pretty girl for me to talk to!" The man didn't stop walking away. "WHAT"S GOING ON!?"

It was then that he did turn. "I suppose it would do no harm to tell you." The man walked back over to Griever and took a deep breath. "You were transported using DOS, or Door to the Other Side, from your current world and to the city of Serenity, where you will entertain the citizens through combat."

Well.... How to take this. Something told Griever that 'I'm not interested' would be something this guy wouldn't take. But.. "I'm not interested," Griever said with a smile, "So can I go home?"

The man gritted his teeth. "Such an annoying one, this time. Just be silent until you are taken to the field for the first round. I hope your report isn't too much in the wrong because I'm hoping for a good first round." The man then walked off. Without even giving his name, either! Sure, Griever never asked, but still. Manners...

Wait, first round?


Apparently, Griever was allowed to get any weapon of his choosing for this 'fight' and his opponent was someone who was renown to be the best swordsman ever. Yeah, this was getting crazier by the minute. At least Griever had strapped two long swords to his back and carried a broadsword in his hands. That ensured his victory, at least. 

Unless he was facing Jem or Kate...

The stage was bright and large, like most arenas that Griever had seen in picture books and cities, with several thousand people cheering from the stands. They, too, had odd clothing. Why did they wear so much yellow? Sure, it was kind of warm and bright colors fended off the heat, but still! Yellow was ugly.

"Our first contestant is the Raging Lion!" 

"By the Beasts!" Griever shouted. Where had that voice come from!? It hadn't been a cone-like thing or else he might have seen where the voice was being shouted from. It had come from everywhere at once! 

"Leonard Dominos, also known as Griever," the mysterious voice yelled from every direction, "Is a skilled swordsman who has honed his ability with the sword over years of mercenary work! Let's all give him a welcoming cheer to the Dark-Blade Tourney!"

The crowd of people in the stands immediately gave off a deafening roar that nearly made Griever go deaf. Were they controlled by the voice..? No, this was just the basic controlling a crowd. Griever had seen it used several times to start riots and raise moral. But that didn't explain the voice's origin!

"In the other corner we have the Wandering Swordsman, Zero Zalazor!"

Sure enough, someone came out of the other end of the arena. He wasn't very big, really, but he carried a broadsword like Griever, so maybe he was strong. Griever looked around to make sure there weren't any other entrances to the arena. This was supposed to be a tourney, but who knew what kind of messed up rules these people used... 

And why couldn't he fight against a pretty lass! Ahh, Jem... Griever missed fighting her..

"Son of a king, Zero left to travel the world and become a master swordsman! Let's hope he has learned enough to match up to the Raging Lion. Give it up for Zero, folks!" And the crowd cheered. Seriously, where was that voice coming from!?

"I guess I just have to beat you, then."

Oh. Griever realized that the Zero guy had gotten close enough to be able to talk. Well... now that Griever could see the guy well... Wait. This was a kid. A kid! "Oh man... I don't want to beat any kids." Griever still readied his large broadsword anyways. He had learned from all those years with the Night Hawks to never underestimate younger people.

... Or women.

Zero charged instantly, slicing downward from the right angle. It was a move called Swooping Eagle by some and effective for faster users of the broadsword. Too bad Griever was faster. The Swooping Eagle was easily dodged and Griever struck out with his own slice.

The boy pulled his large blade up in time to block the blow, but Griever didn't back off. Instead, he pushed, forcing his opponent to keep his guard up, then pulled a second blade and sliced at the boys legs. Zero jumped to avoid the slash, barely getting out of the way. So nimble. Sadly, it was not enough.

Before Zero's feet hit the ground, Griever had let go of his extra blade and shoved his broad sword against his opponent's, knocking the younger kid to his back. Quickly! Griever swung his broadsword with both hands, knocking Zero's own blade away, and let the sword go. Griever then pulled his only remaining blade and placed it against Zero's neck.

"I win." 

That was fun.... Maybe it would be good to win this thing. So long as Kate or Jem wasn't in it, at least....

The End

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