What now Jazer?

Jazer left Torren with only questions. Even if he rembered language he didn't know how to talk. By Morning though he was able to walk , talk and little bit of Fighting.

" Ah Torren how do you feel?" Jazer asked coming down some stairs.

" Pretty good, but I think i'm hungry." Torren responded.

" Yeah I think that would describe how you feel in the mornings." Jazer said , " Wanna pancake?" 

" Sure." 

" So do you feel any pain , in you muscles , head ?" He asked typing somthing into a dispenser like machine. 

" Nope , except for my chest where this scar is."  Torren replied.

" Yah Borlain did that to you."  Jazer said.

" So what happened in the battle." Torren asked

In the Dispenser like Machine Pancakes began to matrealize must be a matrealizer.

" I wasn't there.  I only came after the battle happened I was held up by some Mech fighters." He said

" Mech fighters are large robats driven with weaponry, also boost magical potential of any species. Am I correct." Torren asked

" Yep, When you where fighting the Dark ones you could take down a plattoon of Mech fighters single handedly. Somethin I aspire to do." He replied

He hands Torren a plate. He scoffed them down like no tommorow.

" So Jazer if i'm so good at fighting can you teach me? Because I probaly forgotten."  Torren asked.

" Well I don't think you completly forgot everything but more likes it has been pushed out of you head. So it should all come back quicly except mabye your memories. But sure but try to take it easy because your muscles have memories that are not easily erased." Jazer replied checking the status of his  robotic arm.


The End

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