Its almost as if Torren's bodie is dead but his mind or soul isn't.  A man with a robotic arm walks toward Torren. 

" Interesting. Very interesting. My good friend Torren your mind should not be in tact. Its a miracle that you even retain a human form. But you mind to be in tact is far beyond remarkable, or miracle. " The man apparently knew him

" Well Torren , That favour that I owe you. I think I'll pay it back to you  now." He said then he moved his human hand and in a commanding voice said. Floro - Taka And Torren was lifted in the air by some force. 

About an hour later Torren was Layed down on a metalic table. A scanning device then told the man.  His  Brain has forgotten everything except language and His name.

" That must be the price to pay to survive  Borlain in battle." He said to himself, " Well i guess i need to reintroduce myself to you. Torren my Name is Jazer. I'm partially cyborg and my mother was a Jakalarn , and my father was human. We've been friends for over ten years. You are the last of the prophecized. Which is a group of people who given the abilities of every race. To save us from the darkness which consumes. The darkness is a race of beings that take over our bodies controlling whoever they want. Some are normal like a human some develop powers. The most powerful dark one is Borlain. Who recently took over our inter solar system goverment. People know about this but are powerless to do anything.  The darkness seems to have one goal and that is to dominate over us and make us food. So you and others where secretly made by the now crushed resistance." Jazer explained  , " Well thats alot to take in my mind for someone who doesn't even remember to command his body to move." 

" computer please teach Patcient Torren to walk and talk." Jazer commanded 

"By tommorow morning he will have the skills of any normal being." A female computer voice replied.  The metal table then moved and seperated to cover Torrens body and then began to teach him movement.

The End

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