Dark World

Torren not remembering a thing. Find himself standing in front of his love life also not remembering who she is. And they are saying its to late for him. Welcom to a world of magic and machines set in the future. The hero of the story is memoryless Torren who apparently is the only one able save the galaxy from the overcoming darkness.

Its was dark  Torren then comes around he's standing in the open field of green grass. His clothing cut and stained red from his own blood. A Automatic blaster pistol in his left hand and a heat sword held in his right hand. His wounds were bleeding profusivly.   A  young dark haired girl stands before him crying.

" Koria. Its to late for him we have got to go!"    Another girls voice orders her.

What do they mean to late for me? Torren thought. He wanted to move and say he's still here. But his body wasn't responding. He tried to speak but his mouth would not move.  His knees Buckle. He was now kneeling on the ground. What the hell happened? He doesn't remember anything only his name.  Is he evil or good ? Who was he? Was that girl standing in front of him just now. Was she important? He falls forward to the ground. 

" So the Prophecized one falls." A Menacing voice remarks, " What a waste of time."

Torren lies motionless, speechless on the green grass. Wondereing ; who and what am I?  

The End

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