Growing Concerns

Alex stood next to the metal doors leading to the landing pad.

“How much longer?” Alex asked Pinkie.

“I don’t know Alex. They get here when they get here.” Alex started to pace up and down trying to bide time before David returned. Captain Dareous came out of the command room and walked towards them.


“Yes, sir.”

“David’s been collected and has some important information. On return he noticed that the rebels were gathering an army and seemingly preparing to attack.”

“Is that all we know?” Dareous nodded and replied,

“No. They are heading in out direction.”

“Well that could just be coincidence.”

“I hope it is but we need to presume that they are going to attack the base and so I need to decide. Either follow orders and we pursue the Ace hoping that the rebels are not going to attack here or we prepare for attack and leave the Ace alone for the moment.”

“Do we have any idea what the Ace is?”

“It’s not human.”

“Can’t we split the group fifty-fifty?”

“We won’t be able to defend here with only half and the mission would be less likely to succeed. With any luck the Rebels won’t know we’re here but sending the Excepts out could trigger them to find out where we are.”

“Why don’t you ask Axon?”

“We both know his response. Follow the mission at all costs.”

“Dareous,” Pinkie intervened, “Have you already made your mind up? You’re just trying to check with us that it’s the right way.”

“Yes I am.” Dareous raised his head. “So is it the right way?”

“It is.” Pinkie gave a nod after her answer.


“The mission, we should complete the mission, after all we all know the risks. We can stand out against them here so I don‘t know what your worried about”

“There are thousands.” Alex swallowed his words before Dareous saluted them and gave a “Thank you Alex and thank you Pinkie.” Alex and Pinkie returned the salute. Dareous spoke softly to them, “When David gets back I want to brief then you can relax as best you can for an hour before we suit up and wait for the Ace to land.” Dareous turned around and walked back towards the command room.

“He called you Pinkie.” said Alex.

“Yeah, I noticed.”

“That’s not good is it?”


The End

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