Another Problem

A helicopter flew over the building. This was it. David picked up his weapon and moved towards the window. He carefully peered out trying to see if anyone had noticed him. He moved his eyes across the landscape and saw nothing but a barren city wasteland. David edged towards the hole that once had a door in. He looked down the scope of his weapon and slowly turned it around as he made his way of the door. The helicopter was circling around in the sky looking out for him. Steve sat looking out of the helicopter trying to spot him. David tried to get in a position it would be easier for him to see. He jumped up and down waving his arms in the air. The helicopter began to descend showing that they have seen him. David examined the nearby area trying to find the route to reach them. He decided to follow the main roads; it was more risky but a lot quicker. David began to run again heading towards the helicopter.


“Where is he?” asked IA a very muscular, black thirty years old. He was bald and spoke with a firm, slow voice. He had rough skin, a big nose, and large lips. He spoke firmly with a deep American accent. His bear like build gave him the advantage as a heavy weapon specialist as he had to carry large weight.50


“Just coming, he’s about four minutes away.” Steve replied, he was Caucasian and had blonde hair with violet eyes. He had a long, thin nose and thin lips with pointy elfish ears. He had muscles but had a slim build. He spoke with a slight cockney accent from living in London twelve years.

“Get out you lot and take some defensive measures won’t ya.” the pilot Jason spoke, not much of his face could be seen apart from the prickly facial hairs and the small shape of his face. IA, Steve and Clyde exited the helicopter. IA moved to the right kneeling on his right knee scanning the environment. Clyde did this to the left side and Steve at the back. Clyde had ginger hair and had strong muscles. They waited in this position until Jason called from the cockpit.

“David!” The Excepts relieved their position. David ran towards them at full speed, he saw them and continued to run.

“We need to go, now!” David yelled at them still accelerating. The Excepts piling into the helicopter and Jason began to lift off. David neared it and jumped grabbing onto the ledge as the helicopter had already lifted itself up a metre. Steve offered his arm out and David grabbed it.

“What the hell is the matter?” asked Steve.

“The rebels are preparing for an attack.” David replied quickly.

“How do you know?”

“I had to avoid about ten tanks with hundreds of them marching somewhere!”

“Any idea where?” David shook his head gasping for air.

“But we need to take it as they could have worked out the position of our base. There heading in that general direction”

“I’m afraid we have to hope that they haven’t.” said Jason. “I just received a message from base. We need to go back and fully suit up.”

“Why?” asked Clyde

“We have an Ace inbound.” The Excepts looked towards the pilot before trying to spot it out the window. “High chance it’s a spaceship.”

“Do you mean like last time when it turned out to be a satellite we didn’t have on record.”

“No.” Jason replied firmly, “Teyk has tracked it from the edge of out atmosphere.”

“When will it hit?” David said

“Three hours.” replied Jason, David smiled.

“Well at least I can get a shower before we leave again.” David laughed and smirked before looking out the side of the helicopter at the rebel’s army marching in the streets.

The End

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