Teyk sat at his computer desk reading some data sheets, occasionally glancing over to check on the skies above the city with the telescopes which locked onto moving objects in space which can be planes, satellites, the moon, meteorites and UFOs; if they existed. Teyk only had casual gear on, a t-shirt of his favourite band the Strange Waves along with a pair of jeans. Teyk started muttering to himself what he was reading. He gave a yawn, which he followed his placing his hands on the back of his head and yawning again. He had been working twelve hours straight now with not much of a rest or any food. He shut his eyes for a second and counted to ten. He opened his eyes, looked back at the screens, and saw nothing at all. He moved his eyes back to the data sheets and began muttering again. The computer screen blipped causing Teyk to sit upright and drop the sheets on the cluttered desk. The telescope had gotten something. He began typing quickly onto the keyboard and zoomed in on the object. It looked like a meteorite at first, the tail was all right but he noticed that the object was black and after a minute, he noticed that what looked like flaps were going in and out, it could not be. Teyk gasped, leaned back from the screen and placed his hands on the back of his head. Teyk reached for the telephone and phoned Sam.

“Hey Sam, its Teyk. I need the Captain here now!” He snapped loudly and quickly.” We have a possible Ace.” Teyk could hear Sam launch herself at another phone and call Dareous.

“Captain, Teyk needs you at his station, we have a possible Ace!” Dareous hung up the phone, and he raced out the command room after decoding the door passing Alex and Pinkie without noticing them talking, he saw Teyk and headed towards him at speed.

“Show me.” He told him. Teyk pointed to the screen and sure enough, the Ace was there. “Do you we know when it will land?” Teyk pressed some buttons on his keyboard and the data came up.

“Three hours at the speed it’s travelling.”

“Where will it hit.” Dareous spoke clearly.

“Captain, your not going to believe it but it’s going to hit New Orleans approximately three miles east of here but I can‘t be sure.” The captain picked up his phone with ease and without a sound of anxiousness in his voice, he spoke to Sam.

“Dareous here, we need to go to Ace alert, call Axon into the command room and get the Excepts here on alert. Then go inform Jason to let them know and tell me when David gets back. Once everyone’s back send them into the command room where they will be briefed.”

“Yes, captain.” Sam replied. She hung up the phone and immediately her voice sounded over the intercom.

“This is an Ace alert. I repeat this is an Ace alert. Would all Excepts prepare themselves and would Axon come immediately to the command room. All other personal continue working until instructed to do otherwise. This is an Ace alert.”

The End

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