Your Task Awaits

“Jenifer would you please leave.” he spoke slowly but forcefully and was the only one on the base that only refers to Pinkie as Jenifer. Pinkie nodded and made her way out the room. Dareous stared into Alex’s eyes he made a puffing sound before standing up and walking over to Alex.

“How long have we known each other?” Dareous asked

“About a year now.”

“And in that time what have you learnt about aliens?”

“That there is a high possibility that they exist and that if they do exist it is possible they possess interstellar travel and can contact us.” Dareous half nodded before looking down at his pockets and pulling an envelope out.

“You have a task ahead of you in the not too distant future, at the moment it will be only me and you who will know about it but you are free to tell who you wish when the time comes.”

“When will I know that?”

“Listen Alex. We’re making a huge risk just pointing you in the right direction so keep the questions to a bare minimum as even me not answering will tell you.”

“Yes sir.”

“In this envelope is important information that the President will need to know in the not too distant future. Alex you cannot look inside this envelope ever. You need to understand if you look at this information, severe consequences will occur. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, now take it.” Dareous handed him the envelope, it was red encrusted with bronze symbol that showed the Earth and the word one across it all inside a circle. Alex placed the envelope in his pocket. “You will set out on this mission after our next one. I know you’ll do what is necessary.”

“I will sir.” Alex saluted firmly in which Dareous returned this salute. Alex left to room to see Pinkie standing by the side of the door.

“Is everything okay.” she asked. Alex gave a small smile.

“Everything is fine.”

“Good: IA, Steve, Clyde and Jason have gone to pick David up they should take no longer than fifteen minutes.”

“I can’t believe I’ll be able to see David again, This feels so surreal at the moment, it has felt so long since I last saw him, it‘s odd.”

“Well we‘re lucky when one of us goes missing they usually stay missing,” said Pinkie, “or put up for ransom.”

The End

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